Stripped Down And Bound

Release Date: Feb.13.2014
Running Time: 0:51:41
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Charlotte Stokely, Lexi Bloom, Aubrielle Summer, Christina Sinn, Natasha White, Zoey Paige, Gigi Allens, Lilly Banks

A wicked manipulator invades the bedroom of Charlotte Stokely and Lexi Bloom so that he can direct a perverse power scenario! Once Charlotte's naked body is stretched out on the bed with her wrists and ankles secured, he orders a fearful Lexi to caress the tape-gagged blonde victim from head to toe, with an emphasis on her bound breasts. Unwilling but intimidated, nude Lexi also mouths Charlotte's toes to the voyeur's great satisfaction.

Dressed for partying in a bright red dress and peep-toe pumps, luminous Aubrielle Summer sits tightly bound, cleave-gagged and tethered to a couch. Aubrielle whimpers and her eyes widen when her breasts are exposed; deprived of her shoes, the barefoot captive's almost immobilized after she's placed on the couch in a kneeling hogtie!

As she perches precariously in a window seat, petite brunette Christina Sinn has plenty to worry about: Naked except for her panties, Christina's perky breasts peek out through a rope frame, her crossed wrists are bound behind her back and her toe-tied bare feet are pinned together by ankle ropes. Gasping through her cleave-gag, Christina maneuvers herself onto her knees before finally sitting back with her legs stretched out before her.

Feisty little Natasha White squirms on her bed after she's stripped to her panties, gagged with a white cleave and tied hand and foot. Natasha's plight gets tighter when rope circles her breasts and tethers her to the bed's metal head-frame; her restraint's completed with ropework around her thighs that pushes Natasha's feet close to her bottom.

From her black heels to her black minidress and all the way up to her black cleave-gag, Zoey Paige appears imperiled but ladylike as she sits bound with white rope on a couch. Zoey's situation becomes less demure when her breasts and feet are bared and she writhes on the floor with her dress riding up above her pantieless bottom!

Naked blonde gal-pals Lilly Banks and Gigi Allens find themselves in an alarming bind as they kneel tied and tape-gagged in the corner. Lilly and Gigi maneuver face-to-face in an attempt to peel the blue tape from each other's mouths, but that option's denied to them after they're hogtied on the carpet, where they strain in anguished futility against unyielding restraint that raises their arching bare feet above their flailing hands!

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