Nice Girls Tied Naked!

Release Date: Sep.28.2012
Running Time: 0:45:21
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Monique Alexander, Crystal Klein, Goldie Blair, Ashley Raines, Isabella Janacek, Madison Moore, Erika Jordan, Teresa Tabor, Gina Bee, Petra Barton, Isabella Santos

Sweet innocent Monique Alexander's in trouble again: Decadent dominatrix Crystal Klein slipped something into her drink at a party, took her upstairs, peeled off her clothes, then ruthlessly bound and gagged her little blonde prisoner! For Crystal, just another helpless naked girl to be toyed with, but a night of fearful sensuality for Monique! Spunky little Erika Jordan also endures naked humiliation when she's grabbed after a shower by Teresa Tabor, who ties her up and playfully deposits her in an empty bathtub! Ashley Raines and Isabella Janacek share the vulnerability of bare-skinned restraint as they squirm together on a mattress; nude bondage sensuality mingles with yearning for escape when Petra Barton and Gina Bee strain against their bonds! For Goldie Blair, Nadison Moore and Isabella Santos, naked restraint arouses emotions that range from apprehension to ecstasy!

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