Tape Bound, Volume 21

Release Date: May.18.2015
Running Time: 0:42:37
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Tomi Taylor, Staci Carr , Charlotte Stokley, Susan Ray, Keira Nicole

Watch out, Tomi Taylor, you're not alone in your bedroom -- and it looks like the visitor's a masked maniac! After Tomi's mouth is stuffed with cloth and covered with duct tape, the statuesque brunette's placed on her bed in a snug tape embrace! Tomi's shapely bare feet receive unwanted attention from the weird intruder, then her colorful long dress becomes a casualty. Unable to escape the tape, Tomi rolls bare-breasted and powerless across the bed! 

Those tight clinging strips of duct tape are more than enough to subdue sweet little Staci Carr, who squirms on a couch in blouse and pantyhose. Resourceful Staci makes a move for her phone, but when she's busted, so's the front of her blouse, which exposes an enticing pair of breasts! 

Charlotte Stokely's dressed in a pretty pink sweater and pantyhose; unfortunately for Charlotte, there's also an added layer of duct tape pinning her wrists, ankles and knees together and wound above and below breasts that are exposed during her contortions on the floor! Charlotte would prefer to voice a negative opinion about her predicament but that's where the duct tape over her mouth comes in handy!

Clad in colorful sweats that cling tightly to her lithe body, Susan Ray receives an immobilizing duct-tape bondage that prevents her from doing anything more than twisting and rolling on the hardwood floor! Susan's also tape-gagged while another long strip of tape circles the insteps and arches of her bare feet!

A white sweater and dark pantyhose accentuate Keira Nicole's blonde beauty, but Keira's not nearly as happy with the silver duct tape restraining her limbs and sealing her lips! The distressed damsel's even more dismayed when her boobs are bared and another long tape winding folds her legs up close to her chest! 

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