Kenna's Bondage Nightmare

Release Date: Dec.24.2016
Running Time: 0:45:34
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Kenna James

Kenna James seems comfortably snuggled under the covers, but a closer look reveals that lovely Kenna's face is contorted with anxiety and anguished sounds are escaping her lips. The willowy beauty's in the throes of a nightmare, one whose nature emerges when Kenna kicks free of her covers to reveal her nighty-clad torso and long legs tautly coiled with tan rope; a white cleave-gag's tied between her lips! Alarmed by her bound and gagged state, Kenna thrashes around on the bed, kicking up her bare feet and exposing her pantieless condition. After rolling onto her stomach, the wide-eyed dreamer raises her feet close to her hands and tries to loosen her ankle bonds; when that effort fails, Kenna sits up and edges her legs to a bedpost, where she makes the same futile attempt -- by now her breasts have worked free of the little blue nighty! 

Suddenly, Kenna's nocturnal drama shifts to her workplace, where she's on the run from a menacing intruder! Before the fearful secretary can call for help on her phone, she's whisked into bondage on a chair; demurely delicious in her bright-red blouse, tight black skirt, pantyhose and heels, Kenna twists in rope and utters appeals for help that are muffled by her cleave-gag! Then the spunky heroine takes the initiative by slipping out of her shoes and hopping on stockinged feet to the desk where her phone's lying. But the vigilant villain once again prevents Kenna from summoning assistance before perching her on the desk, where she's folded onto her hip by a waist-ankle tether; before long the struggling girl's embarrassed by the exposure of her breasts! 

Once more Kenna's free again -- but not for long -- while she works out in a blue thong-leotard. Soon stretching on the floor morphs into rope-restrained twisting as Kenna first sits with her back against the wall, then curls up on her hip before kneeling in submission to an invisible nemesis! Kenna's expressive eyes sparkling above her duct-tape gag would melt most hearts, but this implacable evildoer instead responds by placing her facedown on her stomach in a hogtie! Her bare feet pinned together by a toe-tie, the lovely exerciser arches with desperate intensity on the carpet! 

Kenna's journey into the night-world takes an even more sinister turn after she materializes back in her bed; naked now, the ropes have disappeared, but her hands are held behind her back with metal cuffs, while chain-linked cuffs oppress her ankles and a red ball-gag spreads her lush lips! Stunned by her metallic predicament, Kenna tests the maddening cuffs by flinging her legs back and forth, then begins to edge off the bed. Once again, her escape's thwarted and the frustrated Kenna wriggles facedown because the chain of her ankle cuffs is linked to the headboard by yet another set of cuffs! 

Black is the color that sets the tone for Kenna's next excursion into naked restraint; black rope binds her slender body while black tape seals her sensual lips! Seated with her legs up on a couch, Kenna trembles under the control of an invisible power that compels her to twist onto her hip to display her bare soles. Then she's briefly permitted to swing her legs onto the floor, so that Kenna can sit and whimper compellingly for release until she's soundlessly commanded to lie facedown on the couch, where she alternates between stretching out her legs and raising her feet close to her hands! When the nightmare dissolves at last, Kenna jolts awake, relieved that the night's over but unable to forget the ordeal she's undergone. 

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