Tape Cocoons For Naked Heroines

Release Date: Nov.20.2014
Running Time: 0:41:35
Category: Wrapped Up Tight

Starring: Anastasia Black, Prinzzess Felicity Jade, Whitney Westgate, Aria Spencer, Staci Carr, Carol Luna

A name like Anastasia Black supplies a rather broad hint, so lovely Anastasia indeed is trapped in a chest-to-ankle spiral of black tape that satisfactorily seals her 5-9 frame in clear plastic wrap. Confined horizontally on a bright red couch, Anastasia rolls from her back onto her stomach; a tape gag of the same color as the wrapping stifles her squeals when her amazingly ticklish naked feet receive a fingernail tribute! 

Standing at bay in the corner, Prinzzess Felicity Jade projects defiance while carefully contorting against her unwanted plastic and duct tape garment. But the Prinzzess can't prevent a trip from the corner to a narrow black bench, where she lies on her back and directs gag-muffled epithets at her rebellious subjects! 

Once she has slender nude Whitney Westgate all wrapped up in plastic and duct tape as her personal plaything, naughty Aria Spencer won't let Whitney out of her clutches! Aria begins by handling Whitney as she stands precariously balanced; when she tires of repeated pleas to be freed, a tape gag solves the problem! After Whitney's stretched out on the couch, her vulnerable bare soles beckon Aria's mischievous fingers!

Enticing, delightful, provocative -- Staci Carr inspires quite a few adjectives that recognize her innocent but sensual blonde beauty. "Delicious" is another that comes to mind so it's appropriate that Staci is snugly wrapped and gagged in proximity to the kitchen; bright purple wrap over plastic secures the luscious lass as she stands in front of the kitchen island, then, inevitably, lies stretched out on its surface! 

Gorgeous Carol Luna's the less than thrilled recipient of a full ankles- to- shoulders duct-tape mummification that entirely cocoons her luscious body! An admirer assists her in balancing while she stands, but Carol's later abandoned to a couch where she strains and twists impressively without, of course, getting any closer to bursting free than when she began.

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