Sorority Pledges In Peril

Release Date: May.18.2015
Running Time: 0:50:45
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Kenna James, Britney Amber

Hazed, humiliated and hogtied, Kenna James and Britney Amber undergo a steamy sorority initiation! 

Here's an ominous scene: two attractive young women sitting barefoot, bound and blindfolded on the floor! Turns out that Kenna and Britney are pledging a sorority and they've been taken to an empty house, where they're ordered to remain in bondage until one of the sisterhood's officers comes to collect them! Timid Kenna's willing to follow orders but Britney soon grows impatient and wriggles out of the indifferent ropework. When she tries to run, however, she discovers that the house isn't so empty; seized by the ubiquitous hooded villain, the spunky girl's dragged back next to Kenna, gagged with a black cleave and much more securely trussed up! After exposing and fondling Britney's breasts, the eager disciplinarian repeats the binding and gagging process with innocent Kenna -- turns out that this sorority initiation's going to be a lot wilder than the pledges could have imagined!

The sorority's zealous enforcer claims to be impressed by Britney's defiant attitude, which suggests she could be leadership material. He demands that she demonstrate her aggressiveness by dominating Kenna, now a tied and tape- gagged pawn in this bizarre hazing scheme. Britney's reluctant to take advantage of her friend, who sits naked and trembling on a low platform, but her hitherto secret desire for Kenna leads her to caress breasts she could once only dream about with increasing delight! Ordered to turn Kenna onto her stomach, Britney dials up her lust while tickling the squealing blonde's soft soles; unable to control her sizzling passion, Britney can't help smiling as she spanks Kenna, then hungrily sucks her luscious toes! 

Britney is still aroused and flying high after her erotic domination of Kenna when bondage brings her low! Now busty Britney's the naked, bound and gagged plaything, and indignant Kenna pays her back with interest! As the apprehensive pledge kneels on a conveniently-angled piece of furniture, her former plaything squeezes her nipples, then folds her facedown so that she can spank an inviting round bottom! Of course, Kenna can't resist testing the ticklishness of those arching bare soles, but takes matters even further by brazenly stroking Britney's exposed pussy with her fingers while the vanquished woman whimpers! 

If Kenna and Britney believe that the hazing's concluded, they're about to be bitterly disappointed. Back where they started, sitting next to a couch, the imperiled nude pledges are now gagged with microfoam wrapped around their heads and efficiently immobilized with rope. Their dark nemesis materializes again to enforce their subjugation by shameless boob-groping before he laughs as the unfortunate girls writhe and roll on the floor! Even more ruthless restraint ensues when Britney and Kenna are hogtied; while they arch desperately, their vulnerable foot-bottoms receive his unwelcome tribute!

The aspiring sorority sisters finally discover the nature of the house where they've been abandoned when their bare-skinned bodies are pinioned by a web of rope to a stripper-pole! Kenna and Britney provide unwilling entertainment when they're commanded to press their breasts together and attempt ball-gag kisses! Bewildered and humiliated by their encounter with a mysterious predator, they finally believe that their ordeal is over when they hear the voice of the sorority president; at last their dreams will be realized!  

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