Bondage Tales

Release Date: Nov.04.2011
Running Time: 0:49:35
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Charlie Royce, Sadie Moreau, Natasha Warner, Natalie Nice, Adrienne Manning, Laura Lee


Good girl Natasha Warner's predicament goes from bad to worse after the barefoot captive's wrists, ankles and arms are neatly secured with rope, a cloth's stuffed in her mouth and a black gag's tied over her mouth! First seated on the edge of her bed, stylishly-dressed Natasha's later forced to kneel on the bed, her slender body semi-suspended from a hanging chain with a rope connection to her chest bonds!


Charlie Royce and Sadie Moreau have been victimized by a break-in that left the pair bound and gagged, but when questioned about the details they tell two very different stories! According to Charlie, she was hogtied and cleave-gagged while Sadie was merely tied to a chair with her hands in front and a cloth over her mouth; Sadie's account turns the tale 180 degrees! Will we ever know the truth?


Oh-oh -- Natalie Nice is in trouble again! This time the sweet blonde rolls about on a white-sheeted bed, her statuesque body sheathed in a tight black minidress and restrained by strategically tied ropes! Her cries for help muffled by a yellow ball-gag, Natalie's later tethered on her hip to the metal wires of the bed's headboard!


Gorgeous in her white slip, Laura Lee's stunned when a black -clad villain invades her home and uses identically-hued rope and cloth to bind her into helplessness and silence her! Ranting as he ties her, the crazed man deposits Laura on the floor, tethers her wrists and ankles, then bares her breasts before slithering away!


Bondage is a fantasy for beautiful Adrienne Manning, who slips off her clothes and reclines nude on a scarlet lounge chair, where she moans with desire as she imagines her captivity! Caressed by ropes from her bound bare feet to the wrists tied over her head, Adrienne writhes sensually and murmurs passionately behind her cleave-gag! 


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