Bound and Gagged Behind Closed Doors

Release Date: May.16.2014
Running Time: 0:43:51
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Abigail Mac, Lena Shelby, Sophia Knight, Cherie DeVille, Kendra James

 The doors are locked and the windows are shuttered to hide the perilous predicaments of five captive women!

As Abigail Mac relaxes on the couch with a favorite magazine, her thoughts couldn't be further from the anguish of restraint. But that will all change in a few seconds when the intruder who's slithered into Abigail's peaceful home strikes with rope in hand! Pulled onto her knees, the petite girl's eyes widen in terror as her hands are bound behind her and her lips sealed with duct tape. Abigail's helpless to prevent the vicious man from exposing and briefly fondling her breasts; after this momentary indulgence, he's all business as he lowers Abigail onto her stomach, hogties her, then prepares for the return of housemate Lena Shelby. While Abigail squirms pathetically, she prays that Lena will somehow escape and foil the dark figure's sinister scheme!

But Lena's no more fortunate than Abigail. She has only an instant to register the stunning sight of her housemate struggling in bondage before she's overpowered; soon Lena and Abigail are seated next to each other on the floor, both naked, both securely gagged and trussed, both filled with dread! Sighs of relief arise waft past cleave-gags when their worst fears fail to materialize; the thief simply loots and leaves. But his final burst of ropework folds the nude struggler's legs close to their bodies and ensure that their plight will continue long after he's vanished in the darkness!

Supported by an overhead rope linkage, Sophia Knight stands nude from head to toe, a beautiful blonde doll in bondage! Sophia's soft pink flesh quivers under the knotted lengths of white rope that immobilize her limbs, spread her pussy-lips and frame the breasts that thrust out between them. As she twists carefully on bare feet hobbled by ankle ropes, Sophia's eyes convey her distress and her lips moisten from ball-gag- induced drool!

Cherie DeVille is a striking image of stark subjugation as she kneels naked and webbed in taut coils of hemp rope, unable to prevent her mouth from being stuffed with cloth and duct-taped! Humiliated by a crotch-rope, the voluptuous MILF undulates on her knees, her breasts, bottom and high-arched bare feet on breath-taking display. Cherie's slim chance of freeing herself disappears when she's placed face-down on the lounge and hitched to it by ropes around her ankles.

The tight sleeveless top, short sequined skirt and shining black pumps all convey bar-hopping glamour that matches Kendra James' fiery red hair and no-nonsense stare. But Kendra's met her match and clearly understands that her captor's in control, first as she sits bound and ball- gagged in an armchair with her ankles crossed and legs spread in an embarrassing panty display. The situation becomes even more desperate for the writhing redhead when she's propped in the chair on her knees with her wrists tethered to her ankles. Barefoot, bare-assed and bare-breasted, Kendra's the squirming object of depraved desire! 

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