Tickled Silly

Release Date: Dec.12.2013
Running Time: 0:47:2
Category: Tickle Hell

Starring: Kendra James, Carol Luna, Amy Anderson, Brea Bennett, Susan Ray, Annalynn Grace, Olga Snow, Gulliana Alexis, Aubrielle Summer

It begins as a one-sided bare-breasts-and-panties tickle fight with tied-up Kendra James suffering under the fingers of laughing Carol Luna. But what goes around comes around, so after a friend joins Carol to torment Kendra, the sneaky fellow turns on her and the dark-haired beauty ends up shrieking next to the redhead on the floor!

If there was ever any doubt that Brea Bennett conceals a streak of unbridled naughtiness beneath that facade of wide-eyed blonde innocence, check out the mayhem she inflicts on demure Amy Anderson. Naturally it's difficult to remain demure when you're tied up in your panties and being tickled all over by a crazy girl, so poor Amy does plenty of wailing and thrashing around on the bed trying to escape from Brea but she's strictly out of luck!

She's such a nice person as well as a lithe blonde lovely, which somehow adds an extra perverse thrill to Susan Ray's squealing gyrations. Ribs, soles, tummy, underarms -- no matter the location, Susan's nerve endings always light up when they're assaulted by vigorous fingers!

Double your pleasure, double your fun seems to be the motto of the relaxed character who sits back on a couch and rains tickle-bombs on the bound and naked bodies of newcomers Annalynn Grace and Olga Snow! Whether buxom Annalynn and slender Olga are wriggling on their tummies while their soles are tantalized or lying on their backs during a rib-squeezing session, their giggles fill the room!

They don't come much cuter than Gulliana Alexis -- or much more ticklish! So Gulliana's in for trouble after she's trussed onto the tongue chair with her hands tied behind her head, all the better to expose her underarms and ribs to fingernail fury! And her torso ineed receives its fair share of misery, but so do her blue-nailed toes and soft little soles, both from fingers and a vibrating toothbrush.

A misunderstanding between a mismatched couple ends badly for Aubrielle Summer, who's sits stylishly attired in a belted black dress and pantyhose while her loutish man dawdles. When Aubrielle presses the wrong button, however, the guy's all energy, first binding his shocked partner, then giving her a tickle workover that begins with her ribs but concludes with Aubrielle folded into a corner of the sofa! The indignant captive's stockinged feet suffer first, but it's her bare soles that bear the brunt of the torture after the aroused perpetrator rips her pantyhose asunder!

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