Bound To Be Surprised

Release Date: Nov.04.2011
Running Time: 0:42:59
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: MacKenzie Montgomery, Victoria Vogel, Artemis Antone, Chrissy Sparks, Roxanne Chadwick, Simone Valdes, Summer Long, Matty Marshall, Nicole Sheridan, Rikki Paris, Sydney Moon, Gina Caruso

Surprised by a larcenous visitor, glamorous art-dealers Mackenzie Montgomery and Victoria Vogel are esthetically transformed into tied and tape-gagged enticements! Overpowered and bound by hot-tempered dancer Summer Long, club-owner Matty Marshall calls in a favor and soon has bare- breasted Summer squirming in bondage at her feet! Unforseeable immobility also awaits Artemis Antone and Chrissy Sparks, Nicole Sheridan and Rikki Paris,Roxanne Chadwick and Simone Valdes, and Gina Caruso and Sydney Moon! 

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