Helpless Heroines Struggle To Be Free

Release Date: Mar.29.2013
Running Time: 0:52:4
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Summer Brielle, Bailey Blue, Aria Arial, Lee Smith, Sierra Day, Stacie Jaxxx, Vallerie White, Lilly Evans


Just another case of unfortunate young ladies being in the wrong place at the wrong time! The place on this occasion being the bedroom of tape-gagged and crotch-roped nudes Bailey Blue and Summer Brielle, who kneel face-to-face on the bed! Unwilling to accept their bondage without a battle, Bailey and Summer strain against their bonds and strive to scrape off each other's gags! Of course, their strenuous efforts fail to free them, though the naked captives refuse to surrender, even after they're placed side-by-side and tethered to the bed's wooden headframe!

Enjoy a taste of sweet chocolate as you watch exotic Aria Arial contend with her first bondage! Trussed up in a skimpy black teddy and gagged with duct tape, Aria warily eyes her surroundings as she tests the ropework embracing her and murmurs in frustration at her failure to loosen the stubborn knots! After her breasts are bared, Aria's struggles intensify until she finishes by squirming on her stomach!

Lee Smith's therapist recommends aversive conditioning to counteract her troubling claustrophobia, but most psychologists would undoubtedly question his methods! Bound to a chair in a striking yellow sundress, Lee's exhorted to exorcise her demons by struggling energetically against the stifling rope network. Clearly skeptical, Lee responds with a game effort but when she tires of her exertions and asks to be untied, she's unceremoniously silenced with a black overmouth gag! Angry and fearful, Lee writhes even more vigorously, causing her shapely breasts to strain against the low-cut dress, an effect not lost on the therapist!

The wheel of fortune turns drastically downward for con artist Sierra Day after Stacie Jaxxx, one of her victims, catches up with her! After she's tied up and tape-gagged, Sierra stands barefoot and wriggles unhappily as Stacie exposes and fondles her breasts, then pulls up her dress so she can spank Sierra's bare bottom! Before leaving, Stacie concludes her payback with nipple-tweaking, then pushes Sierra onto the couch, where she struggles in solitude!

Feisty little blonde Vallerie White's motto is: "Don't hate me because I'm beautiful!" But Vallarie's attitude has made enemies, which explains why she finds herself in an embarrassing bare-skinned bind! Bright blue eyes flash indignantly above a red tape-gag as Vallarie squirms in the chair where she's been pinioned with her ankles tied separately to the chair-legs so that interested observers can catch flashes of her neatly-shaved pussy!

Naked, ball-gagged and roped to a chair with her legs spread wide, Lilly Evans couldn't imagine that her situation would become anymore humiliating! But that's before her bondage was altered by drawing her bare feet up to meet her hands on either side of the chair and securing a vibrator tight against her pussy! When the toy began to buzz, Lilly tried to control her reactions, but finally submitted to the commanding pulsations and climaxed noisily!


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