Barefoot, Bare Breasted Bound And Gagged

Release Date: Feb.13.2014
Running Time: 0:50:0
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Layla Sin, Lauren Clare, Charlotte Stokely, Ashlyn Molloy, Gigi Allens, Cali Hayes, Lexi Bloom, Charlotte Stokely

Exotic beauty Layla Sin's held hostage by a thug to make her boyfriend to pay gambling debts but it's kinky gang groupie Lauren Clare who takes advantage of Layla's powerless position. Lauren joyously fondles Layla's rope-framed bare breasts while the cleave-gagged girl whimpers, then pushes her plaything onto her stomach so she can torment Layla's bare feet and bottom!

Convinced that she has Layla under her thumb, Lauren slips up by taking a drink break; by the time she returns for more fun with Layla, the dark-haired hostage is prepared for payback! Now Lauren kneels on the sofa, bound with the ropes Layla slipped out of and gagged with the knotted cleave that Layla mouthed. The naughty little blonde squeals as the vengeful victim tweaks her nipples before writhing on her stomach in the hogtie Layla bestows on her as a parting gift!

Bound, gagged and tethered to a railing, Charlotte Stokely sits and waits with her captor for housemate Ashlyn Molloy to return with a package that the criminal's determined to possess. Once Ashlyn's seized and trussed-up next to Charlotte, the girls hope their ordeal's over but the evil-doer lingers long enough to cover their cleave-gags with duct tape, expose their breasts and remove their shoes before finally leaving with the package.

Ruthless predators scam statuesque young executive Gigi Allens by tying her to a post on a backyard patio and duct-taping her cloth- filled mouth! Enticing in her spike heels, short skirt and blouse, Gigi writhes in wide-eyed desperation while a woman with a camera coolly keeps her in focus -- especially after her lush breasts are liberated!

Buxom office-worker Cali Hayes is all dressed up and ready to party until a hooded intruder makes her his bewildered prisoner. Once he's roped Cali to a chair, stuffed her mouth and gagged her, the mysterious man removes her shoes and tickles her bare soles while addressing cryptic questions to the murmuring girl!

When Lexi Bloom discovers cat-burglar Charlotte Stokely emptying her safe, the feisty little secretary attempts to apprehend the felonious feline! A big mistake as it turns out, because Charlotte swiftly makes Lexi her bound and gagged prisoner, then toys with her bare breasts and feet before splitting with the loot.

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