Grab And Bind Of Bailey Blue: Perils Of The Blonde

Release Date: Sep.28.2012
Running Time: 0:47:43
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Bailey Blue

Sparkling starlet Bailey Blue enjoys rehearsing for a superheroine role -- until she encounters a superweird villain who's not acting!

Costumed in black as a booted and masked superheroine, Bailey giggles while posing and proclaiming her corny dialogue. It's no laughing matter, however, when a shadowy hooded figure materializes in her apartment! Leaping at the astonished Bailey, he first tapes her mouth, then binds her wrists and ankles before propping her on a countertop and winding more rope around her struggling body! While Bailey murmurs in disbelief, the intruder identifies himself as the Dark Menace and ominously promises his Blonde Princess that her subjugation has just begun!

After the Menace forces Bailey to relinquish her costume and don a summery dress more appropriate to her alter ego, the apprehensive actress sits bound to a chair, a black cleave tied between her quivering lips! The innocent girl's eyes widen with fear that's only too authentic while her deranged captor admires her animated writhing! Unable to contain his twisted desires, he intervenes by baring Bailey's breasts, exposing her panties, then pulling the sandals off her bare feet -- and he's just getting warmed up!

And now Bailey's getting cooled down! The Menace has entirely dispensed with costumes for the object of his obsession, so the Blonde Princess sits naked in her stringent lotus tie! Noting her discomfort, the disturbed character cynically pretends to soothe Bailey by applying ice cubes to her shivering flesh, with special attention paid to her breasts and feet! Her mouth stuffed with cloth held in place with a black gag, the helpless girl squeals pathetically while the despicable creature savors her subjection!

Obsession blossoms alarmingly when the triumphant Menace forcefully lays his bound and tape-gagged prisoner face-down on a table and hogties her! Refusing to submit meekly, Bailey arches her nude body with acrobatic desperation, especially when she feels the bizarre sensation of her toes being tied and her deeply arched soles being iced with frenzied abandon by her tormentor!

Bereft of her costume, dazed and weary, Bailey returns to the countertop where she was first bound and gagged by her nemesis! Mouth stuffing and transparent tape muffle her angry reponses when the Menace mocks her plight by offering to relieve the stress of her superheroine vocation! It's an offer Bailey's in no position to refuse, for with hands tied behind her and legs spread wide as she sits back agaunst a pillar, she's vulnerable to a vibrator positioned to stimulate her pussy to climax! Leaving the Blonde Princess to her orgasmic fate, the sneering villain slinks away into the dark...never to return?

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