Topless Beauties In A Tight Bind

Release Date: Mar.29.2013
Running Time: 0:45:13
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Shae Snow, Kendra James, Megan Salinas, Aleigha Hotstein, Solhey Rivera,Erika Jordan, Bailey Blue

 Shae Snow has a problem and her name is Kendra James! Kendra's a red- haired, black-booted dynamo of domination as she takes full advantage of innocent Shae, who's trussed-up and crotch- roped in nothing but her panties! Her knees and ankles bound, Shae balances apprehensively on bare feet and whimpers through her cleave-gag while Kendra zestfully fondles and licks her breasts! After arranging Shae on a sofa, Kendra then turns her attention to her sweet prisoner's toe-tied tootsies by tickling her naked soles and licking her wriggling toes!

Megan Salinas looked forward to modeling nude, but the ropes rendering her petite but curvaceous body defenseless came as a surprise! The white cloth tied between her lips muffled Megan's protests and gave a verbal monopoly to the arrogant voice commanding her to undulate dramatically in her bondage! Intimidated by her captor, Megan followed his orders to roll onto the lounge chair; when she finally sat back and raised her toe-tied bare feet, the enticing little brunette displayed red nails, soft soles and a naked pussy!

Fresh from a shower, towel-clad Aleigha Hotstein runs into a knotty problem that forces her to roll around on her bed as she attempts to shake off restraining ropes! Gagged with an unusual knotted blue cleave, Aleigha's a game struggler but succeeds only in freeing herself from the towel and annoying her captors, who rig the nearly naked girl into a tighter bind with an ingenious rope linkage between her chest, knees and ankles!

How did Solhey Rivera wind up in the empty closet? Who put her there? We may never know, but it's a good bet that Solhey, garbed in a tight, semi-transparent nighty, was taken from her bed, then hidden in the closet, her buxom little body tightly restrained, red-nailed toes tied and her mouth overwhelmed with strips of ominous dark tape! Allowed to struggle on the floor of the closet at first, Solhey was later more thoroughly pinioned to the closet-bars by ropes connected to her chest, knees and back!

A nasty bit of home invasion by the Hooded Creeper turns affectionate girlfriends Erika Jordan and Bailey Blue into squirming semi-nude captives! The girls are making out on the floor when suspicious noises cause Erika to investigate their origin -- bad move because moments later the Creeper brings her back wrist-bound and tape- gagged! Forcing Bailey to kneel, he ropes her hands behind her and silences her with the same ominous black tape used on Erika, then briefly tickles their vulnerable soles before moving on to the main event! Once the girls' bare breasts are encircled with swaths of black rope, the Creeper shamelessly gropes them before ordering them to kneel chest-to-chest; after he's finished handling their breast-flesh, he tethers Bailey and Erika on their hips and creeps away as his helpless victims writhe! 


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