Naked Girls Wear Ropes

Release Date: Aug.01.2013
Running Time: 0:45:57
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Chloe Amour, Whitney Westgate, Brea Bennett, Bailey Blue, Giuliana Alexis, Stacie Jaxxx, Sophia Taylor, Presley Dawson

"What have we here?" queried Whitney Westgate with a smile on her face. "Why, I do believe it's my lovely little friend Chloe Amour and she's spread out naked and tied to her bed! You have such cute feet and nice tits, Chloe, I can't keep my hands off them...now that's not a very nice thing to say; a few strips of duct tape should quiet you down! That's more like it; now I can really enjoy myself. Hmmm, you deserve a reward for wriggling around so sexily -- let's tie this cute toy right next to your pussy! Enjoy!"

When they return home from an evening of partying, housemates Brea Bennett and Bailey Blue make the unhappy acquaintance of a masked man on an unusual mission. Uninterested in cash or electronics, this kinky guy has set his sights on the dresses, shoes and panties belonging to the pretty young women who swiftly become his nude, trussed up and tape- gagged captives! As Bailey and Brea sit on the floor next to each other and murmur apprehensively, the thief flaunts his new possesions and fondles their breasts; before leaving with his prizes, he tethers the girls on their hips, where they struggle in futility long after he's gone!

Welcome Giuliana Alexis, an exciting newcomer to bondage who reacts to ropes with provocative passion! Standing naked, crotch-roped and ball-gagged, exotic little Giuliana takes advantage of an overhead rope tether to rotate fearlessly on her red- nailed bare feet. Giuliana's often on tiptoe as she leans forward against the support rope, the better to show off her copious drooling!

Stacie Jaxxx is optimistic; yes, it's true that the naked little beauty's bound hand and foot, her lips are sealed with strips of black duct tape and her toes are tied. But Stacie believes that she can loosen her bondage by twisting and rolling on her bed, so she pursues her goal with impressive energy. Within moments, however, Stacie's struggles catch the attention of intruders who have plenty of rope on hand and seem annoyed by her refusal to accept reality. So three separate tethers soon hitch the spunky starlet to the bed's wooden headframe and severely curtail her chances of freeing herself in the near future!

Presley Dawson pays homage to historical bondage imagery by sneaking voluptuous captive Sophia Taylor past potential witnesses by garbing her bound and naked body in a trenchcoat, drawing red lips on her white tape gag and covering sophia's hair with a scarf! Of course, once she has Sophia safe in her lair, tall and lithe Presley removes the coat, orders Sophia to slip out of her pumps, then fondles her barefoot and buxom plaything as she towers over her! Before long, toe- tied Sophia's pinned to a chair with multiple strands of rope while Presley continues to explore her stunning little body.

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Giuliana Alexis is great. Please do more videos with her.