Dressed in Ropes

Release Date: Dec.15.2014
Running Time: 0:46:21
Category: Costume Bondage

Starring: Jenna Sativa, Alix Lynx, Phoebe Queen, Erika Jordan, Annika Albrite, Layla Sin, Chloe Amour, Whitney Westgate
Ah, the perils of acting in grade-Z exploitation flicks! Equestrienne Jenna Sativa was playing her role to the max while she toyed with sexy jungle girl Alix Lynx, who was tied standing, her bound wrists linked overhead to a chain. As Alix gasped through her cleave gag, Jenna fondled her breasts and smacked her bottom with a riding crop!  But after the director interrupted the scene to announce script changes, roles were reversed:  Alix now wielded the crop and fingered Jenna's nipples while the horsewoman whinnied! 
Phoebe Queen's innocent appearance suggests that she would make a perfect undercover 
investigator. So, dressed as a maid, Phoebe's assigned to the mansion of suspected antique smugglers, but isn't quite as cautious as she should have been!  It's nerve-
wracking enough for Phoebe to sit tied and gagged while the evildoers decide their next move, but then she's the object of Erika Jordan's unwanted attentions! This sexy gang girl can't resist handling the petite spy's creamy breasts, but has even more fun by tickling her 
pantyhosed soles while Phoebe giggles through her cleave-gag!
The prescription is bondage for nurse Annika Albrite, who's confined in stocks and padded cuffs by a hooded villain!  His black garments contrast starkly with Annika's white uniform, pantyhose and heels and his motives are just as dark! After gagging the apprehensive nurse with mouth stuffing and duct tape, he leaves her struggling but returns with more intense interaction on his mind.  Once Annika's hands are retied behind the post, he removes her heels, tickles her stockinged feet, then bares her breasts for shameless groping before the forces of justice finally come to her rescue!
Merry Christmas from Layla Sin, a smoldering holiday elf whose textured green costume's criss-crossed by white ropes and topped off by a bright red ball-gag! Prominently placed on a high white chair, Layla contorts and moans in defiance of her plight, then her eyes blaze angrily when her top's rearranged so that the admirers of Sin are granted the gift of her rope-framed breasts!
It's anything but a Happy Halloween for Whitney Westgate and Chloe Amour when the lovely costumed brunettes are accosted  and bound one after the other by a skull-
masked fiend!  Seated side-by-side on a wooden chest, plaid-skirted student Whitney and booted explorer girl Chloe writhe wide-eyed in bondage while the spectre looms over them! The situation deteriorates for Chloe and Whitney when their breasts are exposed and the spook's very human fingers tease their nipples as the cleave-gagged beauties moan and strain against their bonds!

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