The Bondage Agenda

Release Date: Dec.15.2014
Running Time: 0:53:20
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Josie Jagger, Ashley Lane, Phoebe Queen, Erika Jordan, Goldie Cox, Jenna Sativa, Layla Sin
Josie Jagger's a tiny Latina spitfire who believes she has the skills to replace blonde bad girl Ashley Lane as the number-one henchwoman in a shady organization.  Josie needs to work on her vigilance, however, because angry Ashley introduces her petite rival to naked bondage. Bound standing and tethered to a stair-railing, tape-gagged and crotch-roped, Josie can't prevent the towering blonde from tweaking her nipples, licking her breasts and threatening her little bare feet with spike heels!  Once she's certain that Josie's completely intimidated, Ashley waltzes away and leaves her to struggle against inescapable ropework.
Except that Josie escapes the inescapable, so Ashley experiences a shocking reversal 
of fortune that leaves her shivering nude and trussed-up at the vengeful girl's mercy!  
Although Josie relishes Ashley's whimpering when her tits are teased, she emphasizes her triumph by changing the taller woman's standing position to a dining table hogtie!  Gagged with microfoam tape, Ashley wriggles in discomfort on her stomach while a smirking Josie tickles her bare soles, then leaves with the boss who agrees that she's now his favorite femme fatale!
Phoebe Queen was grateful to Erika Jordan for allowing her to crash at Erika's place 
after a party -- but she'd soon discover that her friend had ulterior motives!  Little Phoebe 
was rudely awakened when Erika dragged her out from under the covers, tied and gagged 
her, then began to handle her bared breasts!  Erika didn't have long to enjoy herself, however, because a pair of party-crashers had stuck around to celebrate their own after-party.  And at the center of the festivities, both Erika and Phoebe knelt bare-breasted and cleave-gagged on the bed in tethered restraint while the creeps savored their struggles! 
Goldie Cox looks worried and there's good reason for her anxiety because the little 
blonde nude's sitting gagged and bound on the edge of a wooden chest!  Although she 
isn't making any progess straining against her bondage, Goldie receives an extra dose of 
ropework when she's lifted onto the chest and ball-tied!  Goldie never stops writhing but all she accomplishes by kicking her feet in the air is to expose her sweet shaved pussy!
Something scary's going on here:  Two naked girls sitting tied up and gagged on the 
floor succeed in kicking free of their ankle ropes, then attempt to escape!  But Alix Lynx 
and Jenna Sativa are swiftly trapped, then stand trembling against a wall, their thighs and 
ankles now secured, as a harsh voice orders them to remain submissive.  When Jenna and Alix defy their hostess, they're tethered back on the floor in waist-ankle hip ties so they'll be neatly displayed for her ominous guest! 
Who wouldn't love to enjoy Sin for Christmas?  Well, here she is, standing nude, 
tautly-roped and gagged with duct tape in front of the Christmas tree!  Luscious Layla 
twists on her tiptoes and displays her amazing crotch-roped physique while she's supported by an overhead chain connector. Still linked to the chain, Layla's then moved onto a large red chair where she squirms on her knees and reveals beautifully arched bare soles!

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