Grab And Bind: Kristen Scott

Release Date: May.30.2016
Running Time: 0:47:6
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Kristen Scott

Whether it's her dream or her nightmare, Kristen Scott keeps getting carried off in bondage!

Kristen's alluring yet businesslike in her sleeveless top, short skirt, pantyhose and heels; she's also tied, tape-gagged and lying powerless in the arms of that hooded man in black! After carrying her into the room, he places Kristen on the futon and makes matters even more restrictive for the petite secretary by hogtying her! The villain watches Kristen strain against the tether for a few minutes, then removes her shoes and vigorously tickles her vulnerable stockinged soles! She's relieved when the tickling ends and he unhitches the hogtie, but dismayed when he picks her up and spirits her away once more!

Poor Kristen's in trouble again, this time being pursued by a nemesis she encountered once before, the Lizard Man! The little beauty's clad only in a short grey nighty as she races up the stairs in hopes of escaping his clutches, but when she's carried into her bedroom, Kristen's bound and gagged once more! Eyes wide above the duct tape covering her mouth, she squirms nervously on her bed and awaits the monster's next move, which arrives when he raises her legs and teases her small bare soles with his claws! Later, when he's briefly distracted, spunky Kristen slides off the bed and tries to edge toward the door, but she's quickly seized and secured with a waist-ankle tether on the floor. Literally cornered, the innocent damsel gasps when the loathesome creature paws at the breasts he's bared!

Even cowgirls get the blues and it's easy to understand our Western heroine's negative emotions as she's carried into the hideout by an outlaw who's hiding his undoubtedly hideous features behind a red bandanna! Along with decorated shirt and skirt, hat and boots, Kristen also wears a red bandanna, but this one's tied between her lips and several loops of white rope keep her small body under control! Standing hitched to a railing, Kristen writhes with admirable spunk but remains in bondage that becomes even more extensive after her breasts are exposed! The rotten owlhoot crudely fondles Kristen's nipples before unhitching her so he can carry her away!

Dressed for the summer in a white tank top, denim shorts and flip- flops, Kristen projects plenty of tough-chick attitude, but she isn't tough to avoid being bound with black rope and gagged with duct tape! Gutsy enough to wriggle in the arms of the tank- topped thug carrying her, Kristen actually kicks off one of her flip-flops before being deposited in a chair. Not the type of damsel to sit meekly in bondage, Kristen stands up carefully but the sharp-eyed crook grabs the brave girl before she can go far; pinned onto the chair with a tight loop around her thighs, Kristen twists furiously and murmurs her disdain for the oppressive creep, but the ropework wins!

The contrast between villain and heroine has rarely been more extreme than when fragile gagged and trussed nude Kristen's held high above the floor in the arms of a skull-masked and leather-clad brute! Naked and vulnerable, Kristen squirms on the lounge where he's placed her and mouths a knotted black cleave, her slender naked body overwhelmed by a tightly-knotted rope web! A string pinning her big toes together makes it easier for the creep to tantalize Kristen's soles, first as she sits with her legs raised, then after she's arranged on her stomach with her bare feet tied down to the top of the lounge; Kristen's cute little bottom also attracts attention in the form of a brief spanking! What's left for the finale? You guessed it -- freed from the lounge but not her bonds, Kristen's held affectionately in the arms of her villainous partner and carried off for a happy ending!

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