The Bound Girl Experience

Release Date: Sep.21.2012
Running Time: 0:50:27
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Elle Alexandra, Charlotte Stokely, Bailey Blue, Trinity St. Clair, Kiera Winters, Layla Rose, Lexi Bloom, Charlotte Stokely

Elle Alexandra got Charlotte Stokely fired by informing corporate superiors about her sexual exploits with middle management! So before departing, Charlotte repays Elle by sealing her big mouth with tape, roping her to a chair and teaching her squirming captive an eye-popping lesson in over-the-top sensuality! Her legs spread wide, Elle whimpers in disbelief as Charlotte fondles, licks and tickles her before baring her pussy by tearing open the pantyhose panel!

The last thing Bailey Blue expected when she visited her friend Trinity St. Clair was to find the tiny brunette bound to a chair with a cloth tied between her lips! Joining Trinity at first in similar bondage, wide-eyed Bailey's later left hogtied and barefoot on a desk when the thieves take her friend along with them as a hostage!

Struggling bound, gagged and blindfolded as she sits on an empty safe, Kiera Winters welcomes the friendly couple who hear her muffled cries for help, then remove her gag and blindfold! But after she answers their hurried questions, the bewildered secretary's re-gagged and left to roll in roped restraint on the hardwood floor!

Layla Rose runs up the stairs but she can't hide from a phantom intruder who ties and tape-gags the busty little office-worker, then stows her in the corner of her own bathroom! When feisty Layla tries to wriggle her way to freedom on the floor, she's caught and more snugly trussed with a rope that snakes around her waist from wrists to ankles!

A visit from her shady ex-boyfriend leads to bondage for businesswoman Lexi Bloom -- also for her best friend Charlotte Stokely, who just happens to be in the right place at the wrong time! While the despicable ex uses Lexi's house to conduct a crooked deal, the fearful hostages sit tied and gagged several yards apart from each other! Hoping that he and his criminal associates are distracted, Lexi and Charlotte slide closer in an attempt to free themselves, but the man with the illegal plan has the last laugh!

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