Perilous Bondage Encounters

Release Date: Apr.19.2013
Running Time: 0:56:46
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Lexi Bloom, Ashley Bennett, Aleigha Hotstein, Chloe Lynn, Linzy Cross, Natalie Heart, Carissa Montgomery, Lilly Evans

 Clever Lexi Bloom came up with the idea of playing a bound and gagged secretary in distress for the webcam, but it's pretty partner Ashley Bennett who has most of the fun! As Lexi dramatizes her helplessness, Ashley enjoys fondling her bare breasts, spanking her bare bottom and tickling her bare soles!

After Aleigha Hotstein uncovers a theft ring at her company, crooked conspirators hoist the pretty office-worker onto a desk where the booted captive writhes bound, gagged and bare-breasted!

Silent enemies subject tied and tape-gagged secretary Chloe Lynn to an exercise in humiliation that ends with her blouse, skirt and panties in disarray and her breasts, bottom and feet bared!

Ordered to blindfold herself when she returns home, businesswoman Linzy Cross swiftly becomes a tightly roped prisoner! After she loses the blindfold but gains a tight black cleave-gag, Linzy struggles futilely on the floor!

Instead of planning for the next day's staff meeting, junior executive Natalie Heart rolls around on her bed after intruders web her with rope, duct-tape her mouth and expose her breasts!

An open door beckons to buxom saleswoman Carissa Montgomery and slender intern Lilly Evans, who answer the call of curiosity only to find themselves struggling together as they lie gagged and trussed on a bed! 


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