Belle's Bondage Revenge - Download

Release Date: Jun.22.2015
Running Time: 0:47:42
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Belle Fatale, Xandra Sixx, Julie Rae, Nikki Knightly, Mia Malkova, Alix Lynx

Belle Fatale's a party animal so it was only natural for her to get a little too friendly with cute redhead Julie Rae at a boozy all-nighter. At least that's the explanation Julie's pissed-off galpal Xandra Sixx gives for paying Belle a surprise visit that finds our favorite tough chick standing naked and trussed to her bedpost! Xandra's blonde, beautiful and bitchy, so after tying a ball-gag in Belle's mouth she takes pleasure in tweaking her rival's nipples and tugging on her crotch-rope! Julie's reluctant to dom, but at Xandra's urging, she leans in for some boob-groping and hair- pulling; confident that they've intimidated Belle once and for all, the girlfriends leave their bound and gagged prey to free herself!

If Julie and Xandra think they've seen the last of Ms. Fatale, they sure don't know their girl! With some help from a friend, Belle pays a return visit to the couple and soon has sweet Julie sitting naked, bound and tape-gagged on the floor! Before long, Xandra's stripped and sharing bondage with her friend while Belle gloats and repays their breast-fondling and hair-pulling! But she has more specific plans for Julie, so once the wide-eyed girl's ankles are untied, Belle mercilessly tickles her soft bare soles! Then, while Xandra looks up from the floor, powerless to interfere, Belle stands Julie up and lovingly caresses the whimpering nude! Her campaign of vengeance completed, Belle leaves Xandra and Julie in hip-tethered humiliation on the hard wooden floor!

Belle was so focused on paying back Xandra and Julie, however, that she ignored some suspicious phone calls her treacherous friend was making. Naked and bound once again, Belle sits on the floor between her former enemies while they wait apprehensively for sinister visitors to arrive. All three exert impressive energy frantically battling their bondage; as Julie and Xandra struggle on the floor, Belle raises herself onto the couch behind them, where she rolls from her back onto her stomach without managing to free herself! Ultimately, all three trembling bound and gagged beauties sit side-by-side on the couch under the eyes of admiring evildoers!

With her shining black hair and huge expressive eyes, Nikki Knightly exudes an exotic appeal that blends with her bound and gagged nudity to create a powerful erotic impact! Her sweet naked body subdued by rope and her lips sealed by duct tape, Nikki squirms in futility as she sits on a square platform and murmurs pleas for release that are ignored! No mercy for Nikki -- instead she's flipped onto her stomach and into a hogtie made more rigorous by a vertical rope-chain connection!

If one luscious, tied and tape-gagged nude is good for a thrill, why not double your pleasure with two? Bondage-prone blondes Mia Malkova and Alix Lynx arrive as an entry, walking about uncertainly while coupled by a two-foot-long rope between their waists! After their ankles are tied, the bewildered girls sit on the edge of the bed, then roll onto their sides; Mia finally manages to disconnect the waist-rope, but both she and Alix merely trade one type of restraint for another after their legs are separately folded by ankle tethers!

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