Rock And Roll Bondage

Release Date: Jun.22.2015
Running Time: 0:46:18
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Sheena Rose, Gwen Stark

Sheena Rose is a very different kind of heroine: Her small slender body is heavily tatted and her wide, mischievous eyes convey a hefty supply of attitude -- after all, she's a rock star! And at first, Sheena seems in complete control as she chats confidently on the phone with her manager. But an intruder turns everything upside down and soon the petite brunette is trussed-up and writhing, with rope taut around her skinny jeans and see-through frilly blouse. Sheena's eyes look bigger than ever as she murmurs behind the duct tape covering her mouth and kicks up her exquisite little bare feet as she sits on a couch. The silenced rocker hopes for rescue when personal assistant Gwen Stark arrives, but the auburn-haired girl quickly finds herself in a bind when she's seated next to her boss in a wide red chair. Tethered to the chair and gagged with white tape, both Gwen and Sheena struggle vigorously and co- operate as they try to disentangle their knotty rope network, but they're stuck -- and their uninvited guest has a devious agenda that's sure to rock Sheena's world!

A bold tattoo across Sheena's chest proclaims "I'm Not Afraid" and the bitsy rocker will need all her courage now that she's naked and roped to a post on the deck of her backyard patio! Gwen's also unclothed but unbound; her role is to toy with Sheena while their voyeuristic visitor savors the sight. Initially reluctant to fondle her boss, Gwen timidly handles Sheena's breasts but soon kneels to mouth her nipples before gently massaging her pussy! Cleave-gagged Sheena resents her submissive situation, but as the luscious redhead confidently handles her body, her eyes close and she surrenders to pleasure! 

Just in case Sheena and Gwen have any doubt who's in charge, they're stringently bound face-to-face with only the post between them. Both tape-gagged nudes twist energetically despite ropes tightly knotted around their chests and waists to compress them against the post! While resentfully eyeing their oppressor, the ruthlessly- restrained girls rise on their toes; Gwen in particular reaches impressive heights on her amazing arches, but Sheena's shapely black-nailed feet don't disappoint! 

What's up with Gwen sitting in a brown leather armchair, her legs spread almost 180 degrees to reveal a very inviting pussy? It's turnabout time, that's what, so as cleave-gagged Gwen awaits nervously, Sheena approaches her, vibrator in hand! At the master's command, the Illustrated Girl applies her vibe where it'll do the most good, i. e. Gwen's clit, then turns it on! Gwen squirms, murmurs and arches her astonishing feet while Sheena warms to her task; after a few minutes, she leaves the toy buzzing against her hapless assistant's happy zone, then kneels next to her tethered ankles for some zealous foot-worship! Sheena finally grasps her baton again so she can guide Gwen to O-land with some breast-fondling assistance!

To their surprise, Sheena and Gwen are allowed to clothe their nudity, but they're returned to a familiar predicament: bound with rope and gagged with tape! They're seated back- to-back on oposite sides of a leopard- print bench; Sheena's got the celebrity look down in her spiky black bustier, skin-tight iridescent pants and toe- teasing, gold-strapped spike heels, while Gwen's more modestly alluring in a colorful flowing top, black pants and sandal. Struggle as they might, the rock star and her helper remain a pair of hot ropework packages until the man in charge unveils a surprise! 

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