Wrap Stars

Release Date: Feb.07.2014
Running Time: 0:50:21
Category: Wrapped Up Tight

Starring: Gigi Allens, Courtney Dillon, Ashley Scott, Zoey Paige, Chanel Rae, Caroline Ray

Luscious Gigi Allens tries to catch a few rays in the backyard, but it's Gigi who's caught in a plastic and duct tape cocoon. Lying back on her towels in the grass, wide-eyed Gigi's menaced by a captor who tears open the plastic to bare her breasts!

Broad strips of black tape over plastic wrap hold Courtney Dillon's curvaceous naked body in a snug embrace as she stands next to a bed. Moved onto the mattress, tape-gagged Courtney whimpers and strains against her immovable packaging!

Red-haired and dramatic, Ashley Scott rolls vigorously on the couch in white-tape wrap-and-gag subjugation. When Ashley maneuvers onto her stomach, her bare soles and enticing bottom rise into prominence!

Merry Christmas! Enjoy the present wrapped next to the tree: It's statuesque blonde beauty Zoey Paige sealed in plastic and swaths of silver, white and red tape. Please don't open the package until December 25th.

Sleek and svelte in her ankle-to-shoulder wrapping of silver tape, lovely Chanel Rae balances barefoot before she's allowed to lie prone on a wooden bench. Her less precarious position, however, exposes her soles to marauding fingers that elicit tape-gagged squeals from Chanel.

Take a seat, Caroline Ray -- just don't plan on moving for the next few hours! Wrapped to a chair in plastic and duct tape, the perky little brunette handles her mummification with aplomb, even kicking her feet playfully in the air when the chair's overturned.

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