It's Never Enough Tickling

Release Date: Jan.31.2014
Running Time: 0:43:48
Category: Tickle Hell

Starring: Lilly Banks, Gigi Allens, Caroline Ray, Randy Moore, Chanel Rae, Gulliana Alexis, Ashley Bennett, Lexi Bloom, Erika Jordan

It's always nice to see someone enjoy their work and it's obvious that a very dominant Gigi Allens takes great pleasure in tickle- tormenting cute nude captive Lilly Banks. First cornering Lilly and fingering her body as she cowers, Gigi later seats her victim on the floor so she can tickle her soles, then rolls Lilly onto her side for another bout of torso-tantalizing.

Caroline Ray wriggles apprehensively on the bed after she's stripped to her panties and her wrists and ankles are tied. And Caroline's right to be concerned because her little body is about to be ruthlessly tickled, from the bottoms of her feet to the tip of her chin, as she giggles and rolls around in desperate response to her tormenting fate!

Cat burglar Randy Moore gets the surprise of a lifetime when student Chanel Rae gets the upper hand in their struggle and ties her up! Once Randy's lying helpless on her stomach, Chanel pulls off her pumps and tickles the squealing bad girl's bare soles; triumphant Chanel then completes her humiliation of Randy by baring her breasts and tickling her torso!

Pantyhose sheath the blue-nailed feet of trussed-up Gulliana Alexis, but don't interfere with the intense agitation her soles' nerve- endings receive from a tickling fanatic! Determined to attain bare-soled contact, Gulliana's captor rips the hose off her feet and continues the digital assault that later spreads to her beckoning ribs and stomach.

Girl-next-door Ashley Bennett enjoys some tied & tickled fun with her naked playmate Lexi Bloom!

Bound hand and foot, Erika Jordan thrashes about on a couch and wails loudly as her toned naked body recoils from relentless finger pressure on her stomach, ribs, underarm and neck. Of course, Erika's ticklish soles receive plenty of attention as well, which triggers especially dramatic reactions from Ms. Jordan!

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