Controversial Research Experiments

Release Date: Apr.23.2011
Running Time: 0:43:46
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Aiden Ashley, Lily Carter

Report On Restraint Research Project


1) To test the strength of pair-bonding and altruism between friends, I and my research assistant surreptitiously gained access to the home of subject A, otherwise known as "Aiden Ashley". She was restrained to a chair with rope and silenced with tape. When Subject B, whom we will call "Lily Carter", returned home, we confronted her with the situation of her defenseless friend. Lily was presented with this dilemma: she was free to leave, but if she did so, Aiden could be subjected to undefined and possibly severe punishment. Somewhat to our surprise, Lily chose to stay. Conclusion: Pair-bonding between Aiden and Lily quite strong, as is Lily's altruism.


2) Next, we reversed the variables by placing Lily in jeopardy: she was made to undress, then bound naked to the same chair and gagged with tape in the same manner as Aiden. When the latter was presented with the identical dilemma as in 1), Aiden also refused to abandon her friend. As a result, our conclusion is that Aiden's emotional connection to her friend mirrors that of Lily.


3) In order to intensify the challenge to pair-bonding, we required both subjects to engage in bizarre fetishistic behavior. With Aiden now nude, silenced and bound hand and foot on a woden table, we again offered Lily the opportunity to leave the house. If she did so, Aiden's fate again would be uncertain; if she did not leave, however, we would order Lily tolick and suck Aiden's bare feet. Once again, Lily's loyalty to Aiden overcame the natural repugnance she must have felt as she mouthed Aiden's feet! No change in conclusion reached in 1).


4) In our second reversal of roles, Lily was spreadeagled on the table before Aiden was presented with the option of freedom or tickling her friend's nude body. Aiden was warned, that if she left, Lily was likely to experience a more rigorous test of her nervous system than tickling. By this point, we were not surprised that Aiden chose to remain and tickle Lily quite vigorously. Both girls were soon exhausted; the results reinforce conclusions reached in 1), 2) and 3).


5) Because there was no longer a need to test the strength of pair- bonding and altruism, the final part of our experiment was structured to investigate the co-operative abilities of our subjects. Still naked, both Aiden and Ashley were immobilized to metal chairs in the backyard, where variations in temperature and noise level from indoors would complicate the subjects' efforts to free themselves. Lily was partially silenced with cloth tied between her lips, while Aiden was blindfolded; we observed as they attempted to communicate and join effots in escaping their restraints. With some difficulty and a substantial lapse of time, the subjects finally succeeded. Conclusion: despite formidable obstacles and a substantial degree of disorientation, the subjects did manage to co-operate and release themselves.


I consider this experiment an outstanding success, as does my research assistant, and would strongly recommend continuing along this line of research once certain legal complications have been surmounted!


BONUS SCENE: Although there's no scientific relevance to this scene, we believe that the sight of Aiden and Lily struggling naked, hogtied and tape-gagged on top of that wooden table is justification in itself! 


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