Smart Girls Get Hogtied Naked

Release Date: Dec.05.2016
Running Time: 0:48:28
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Chanel Preston, Nina North, Ella Nova, Ryan Ryans

Buxom brunette Chanel Preston's in big trouble -- naked, trussed and tape-gagged, Chanel sat against the headboard of her bed and tried to think of a way out of her alarming predicament! Edging closer to the edge of the bed, Chanel raised her toe-tied bare feet and pulled at the curtains covering the nearby window. But before she could push them aside, her movements brought the attention she'd hoped to avoid; future attempts of the same kind became impossible for spirited Chanel after she was hogtied, despite the energy she expended rolling about in the body-bowing ropework! 

Luscious little Nina North underwent a less than enjoyable exploration of bondage variety while trapped naked on a futon. First stretched out on her back with her wrists and ankles hitched to the futon's metal framework, tape-gagged Nina tugged and twisted without success! After she was briefly freed, Nina then lay on her stomach, hands bound behind her back and toe-tied bare feet tethered to the futon; to emphasize her powerless plight, the tether then joined her wrists and ankles to produce a hogtied and hapless Nina!

Lying facedown and naked on a massage table, sweet Ella Nova had a hunch that she wouldn't be receiving the relaxing hands-on treatment she'd been hoping for. That's because her enticing curves were oppressed with rope and her calls for help muffled by duct-tape; even her shapely bare feet were toe-tied! As Ella wriggled on her stomach, she tried to keep her spirits up, a task that became more difficult after those alluring feet were raised close to her hands and linked into a hogtie that kept her arching frantically!

Ryan Ryans consented to go home with her date, who she found charming and humorous. But her attitude changed in an instant when she entered his living-room and saw a grotesque life-sized doll wrapped in rope on the couch! He casually explained that this was his old girlfriend Marlene and that because Ryan was now his new girlfriend, she would join her in bondage! Ryan tried to run but it was too late; stripped to bra and panties, gagged with duct-tape and tightly bound, freaked-out Ryan sat next to the bizarre object! Later, bare-breasted and barefoot, the beautiful new girlfriend knelt in wide-eyed disbelief against the inanimate old girlfriend as a madman watched happily!

Marlene disappeared as Ryan's nightmare date concentrated on the nude bondage he'd arranged for her. Her voluptuous body tightly embraced by tan rope and her lips still sealed with duct-tape, Ryan sat twisting fruitlessly on a low platform and kicking up her toe-tied bare feet! Thrilling as he found her seated contortions, the crazed man arranged an appropriately rigorous finale for this hellish date by hogtying Ryan and savoring the sight of her desperately arching body! 

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