Custom Bondage: The Bondage Detective

Release Date: Dec.05.2016
Running Time: 0:44:55
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Vanessa Veracruz, Aspen Rae

Who will win the bondage battle between Vanessa and Aspen Rae? 

Despite her unconventional garb of tight blue jeans and a colorful crop- top, Vanessa Veracruz assures her client that she's a successful private investigator who'll discover who's been stealing from his company. Unfortunately for Vanessa, she has a history of being bound and gagged on the job, a tendency that recurs when she's seized and overpowered by muscular beauty Aspen Rae! Roped to a chair, the barefoot and toe-tied detective squirms in discomfort and murmurs behind an overmouth gag; Vanessa's situation becomes more unpleasant when Aspen straddles her, pulls down the gag and reveals the cloth stuffing in her mouth! After interrogating her unsuccessfully, Aspen shoves the cloth back into Vanessa's mouth and re-gags her; later she exposes and toys with the struggling PI's impressive breasts! Then, determined to get the answers she wants, Aspen picks up the trussed-up Vanessa and carries her off as if she were weightless! 

Even the experienced bondage detective has never found herself in such a disturbing plight -- gagged with duct-tape, Vanessa lies spreadeagled face-down on a bed in nothing but her thong-panties! Despite her desperate straining against the ropes tethering her wrists and ankles to the bedposts, she remains trapped in the rope web, her size-5 bare feet and curvaceous bottom glaringly vulnerable to Aspen's sturdy hands! After Vanessa still refuses to co-operate, Aspen ruthlessly tickles and spanks those tempting targets, then slips a hand between her legs for some insolent pussy massaging! Finally tiring of this unconventional inquisition, Aspen leaves Vanessa alone -- but fails to notice that one of her wrist-bonds has loosened.

The tables have turned with a vengeance and now it's Aspen seated against the bed's headboard, tightly bound in her denim shorts and snug white top, with a thick bandanna-gag tied between her lips; Vanessa's returned one of Aspen's favors by tying her big toes together! But the angry detective's just getting started with her struggling opponent's shapely bare feet; to Aspen's embarrassment, she's not only unable to free herself, but can't prevent Vanessa from hogtying her! With this formidable foe arching on her stomach, Vanessa gleefully tickles her vulnerable soles before daring Aspen to escape from the taut bind!

Aspen's released from the hogtie, but she can't escape from Vanessa's ropes; stripped to her skimpy panties, she's roped to the chair where she recently turned the sexy detective into her plaything! Now she's the tape-gagged toy and it's obvious that Vanessa's turned on by her amazing physique. After caressing Aspen's chest from behind, Vanessa proves that she can straddle too by planting herself in the hapless beauty's lap, then applying her lips to those rope-framed breasts! Thrilled by her domination of the nearly nude and totally humiliated Aspen, Vanessa doesn't notice the arrival of a new player in this unusual game. 

Turns out that the thief who Vanessa's client hired her to find sent Aspen to detour the investigation; now that he's ready to run with the cash, it's time to dispense with both less- than- efficient operatives. He accomplishes the task in an excitingly imaginative way by securing the indignant nudes on their knees, with their wrists tied behind each other's backs! To prevent their arms from flying free, a doubled rope-coil stretched between their legs connects their bound wrists; this strategic linkage takes on particular significance when Aspen and Vanessa begin to tug on it with striking energy! Hostile to each other at first, their mutual arousal grows with every stroke of that perfectly-placed rope; duct-tape kisses and bare- breasted grinding culminates in a noisy climax that expresses the fervent friendship of these one-time foes! 

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