Together We're Bound

Release Date: Sep.11.2014
Running Time: 0:53:53
Category: Captured Couples

Starring: Charlotte Stokely, Chad, Carol Luna, Jay Smooth, Cali Logan, Lance, Chanel Rae, Buck, Susan Ray, Layla Sin

 Overzealous spyhunter grabs confused couple Chad and Charlotte Stokely. He's convinced that they're undercover operatives who've stolen important classified information, so he interrogates them after stripping, tying and blindfolding them. Of course, they strongly deny guilt so he gags them and suggests they think things over and tell the truth!

Executive Jay Smooth and secretary Carol Luna are working late at the office when they're stunned by the appearance of a Bonnie-and-Clyde- type couple! These desperadoes need a change of clothes to fool their pursuers so they order their captives to strip and gets them securely bound and out of the way!

Propped on a table, Cali Logan is tied up in Lance's embrace with his hands tightly bound; they both wear wraparound gags consisting of duct tape over self- adhesive.

Teetering hog-tied on the kitchen table is a tough enough feat, but nude cutie Chanel Rae has got to share the limited surface with her underwear bound boyfriend Buck!

Not so savy, Chad ripped off a business associate who doesn't bother with lawsuits. Instead he goes for payback that focuses on Chad's innocent girlfriend Susan Ray, who's bound and gagged topless on the kitchen counter with Chad tied on a sofa beneath her!

Why pay a realtor to sell your home when you can do it yourself and save the commission? Sounds like a good argument but Layla Sin and Jay should have been more cautious showing off their house to anybody and everybody that came knocking at their door. It didn't concern them that the latest couple looked like they had been living on the streets. They gave the vagrants a tour when all hell broke loose! Gagged and hogtied by the couple posing as potential buyers, Layla Sin and Jay Smooth are helpless to the robbers helping themselves to all the valuables that weren't nailed down! 

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