Frightened Topless Captives!

Release Date: Nov.16.2012
Running Time: 0:45:23
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Erika Jordan, Lux Cassidy, Samantha Ryan, Paris Kennedy, Molly Matthews, Jennifer Lee, Karina Santos, Isabella Santos, Kitana Jade, Celeste Star

Lux Kassidy refuses to repress her naughty nature when she toys with a bound, bare-breasted and ball-gagged Erika Jordan! After Paris Kennedy's passed over once again for a modeling gig in favor of blonde beauty Samantha Ryan, she makes a job opportunity for herself by surprising and binding Samantha! Molly Matthews loves horseback riding, but the wooden horse she's tethered to this time isn't friendly at all! Bound and gagged in her bikini, Jennifer Lee is powerless to prevent breast-baring! There's no love lost when Isabella Santos overpowers and ties sister Karina, then strips her topless! After Kitana Jade is caught trying to drop the dime on her thuggish boyfriend, the buxom blonde becomes a squirming, bare-breasted source of entertainment! Caught home alone, luscious Celeste Star rolls roped and gagged on the floor!

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