Topless, Roped and Gagged

Release Date: Jul.02.2011
Running Time: 0:40:40
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Nina James, Adrianna Lima, Aiden Ashley, Shazia Sahari, Melissa Jacobs, Samantha Ryan, Jade Salerno, Randy Moore


After frightened computer whiz Nina James does her nefarious bidding, Nikki gets nasty with the intimidated girl by handcuffing and tape-gagging her, then humiliating Nina by toying with her naked breasts!


Blindfolded and bound to a chair, Adrianna Luna's advised by captor Loren Chance not to testify against her client! Adrianna courageously refuses to cave -- until Loren gags her, bares her breasts and heats up the threats against the helpless girl!


A complicated intrigue has a starkly simple conclusion: bare- breasted and tape- gagged enemies Aiden Ashley and Shazia Sahari must endure bondage that makes them to kneel face-to-face mere inches from each other!


Receiving a pink slip is always traumatic, but Samantha Ryan responds in drastic fashion to the employer who's terminated her! Before she knows what hit her, sexy boss Melissa Jacobs is lying naked, tape-gagged and ball- tied on the floor of her office!


Appalled that her dad's about to marry gold-digger Randy Moore, Jade Salerno digs up evidence about her sleazy past! But Jade makes a strategic error by revealing her information to Randy; overpowered by the ruthless woman, diminutive Jade's soon struggling in a web of rope, her lips sealed with duct tape! 


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