Grab and Bind: Kagney Linn Karter

Release Date: Jul.02.2011
Running Time: 0:42:35
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Kagney Linn Karter


Kagney Linn Karter's on top of the world: she's bright, beautiful and a rising star in the financial industry! But a dark cloud looms on the horizon of Kagney's sunny world while the innocent young woman prepares for another day of wealth creation! Unknown to Kagney, she has an Evil Twin who's preparing a devious scheme that will turn her life upside down!


Accompanied by her two lackeys, Kagney's doppelganger burst into her townhouse and confronted her stunned sister! Dazed at the sight of the cold-eyed mirror image facing her, Kagney barely moved as she was seized and tied! Once Kagney, tightly bound with harsh black rope and gagged with black cloth tied between her lips, lay helpless on the couch, her twin approached and sneered at Kagney's pathetic struggles! She exulted at the initial success of her diabolical plan; now she could replace Kagney at work, make millions by insider trading, then skip town and leave Kagney holding the bag!


But before the ruthless con-woman left, she couldn't resist adding humiliation to helplessness by appropriating Kagney's business suit and pumps! Stripped to her bra and panties, the shivering captive's trussed to a chair and tape-gagged by the senior thug! Kagney, still disoriented by the incredible events of the day, writhed in the chair, her voluptuous body straining against the ropes binding her, until she was near exhaustion!


Concerned that Kagney might seriously injure herself if she remained in bondage indefinitely, the soft-hearted henchwoman convinced her partner to release Kagney temporarily! Feigning meekness, Kagney pleaded for something to drink but when she was offered a water bottle, the spunky hostage used it to clobber the grumbling oldster who was untying her ankles! Kagney's daring escape attempt ended badly, however, when she was grabbed by the angry and embarrassed woman who suggested her release! No gentle treatment for Kagney from now on: deprived of her lingerie, Kagney was made to sit naked and cross-legged on her antique wooden table as she was roped into a squirming package! The fearful Kagney murmured imploringly behind her tape gag, but her tormentor turned a deaf ear to the muffled whimpers!


While the Evil Twin put her plan in motion at Kagney's brokerage, her sister remained at the mercy of two angry criminals! Still enraged by Kagney's trickery, her female captor punished the defenseless girl by trussing her to a bedpost, her hands bound and stretched cruelly above her head! Nude, ball-gagged and crotch-roped, Kagney was horrified to feel the lustful woman's hands caressing her breasts but powerless to resist! Her humiliation finally ceased, but Kagney's heart sank when she heard her sinister sister return home from the first day's impersonation! The Evil Twin needed Kagney's assistance with technical business issues, so she contemptuously freed the apparently intimidated prisoner!


Moments later, a buxom naked blonde squealed indignantly through her ball gag as she writhed uncomfortably spreadeagled to the head of the massive wooden bed! Poor Kagney...must Evil always triumph? 


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