Double Trouble For Tied Up Girlfriends

Release Date: Sep.13.2013
Running Time: 0:42:4
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Mia Malkova, Sophia Knight, Cali Logan, Niki Lee Young, Belle Fatale, Ashley Rose, Keira Kelly, Aubrielle Summer, Erika Jordan, Jana Jordan

A pair of beautiful blondes struggle in bondage after Sophia Knight and Mia Malkova are stripped and trussed up in their bedroom! Tape-gagged and toe-tied, Mia and Sophia writhe energetically as they sit side- by-side on the edge of the bed before maneuvering back-to-back in an attempt to tease their wrist ropes loose. When those efforts prove futile, the frustrated captives roll onto their stomachs and twist desperately while trying to untie their ankle bonds!

In ordinary circumstances, Cali Logan and Niki Lee Young would be proud of their enticing nude bodies. But as prisoners of a demonically masked villain, their situation is extraordinary indeed: symbolically bound with black rope and gagged with black tape, Cali and Niki tremble as they stand precariously on bare feet, stabilized only by the masked man's grip on their chest harnesses! Murmuring fearfully, the luscious captives are powerless to prevent him from rotating them through 360 degrees in a ruthless display of their charms!

Mouthing brightly-colored rubber balls, naked prisoners Belle Fatale and Ashley Rose sit forlornly in a window seat, their soft bodies oppressed by taut ropework! Despite toe-ties, Belle and Ashley arrange themselves creatively in the window that frames their dramatic struggles and alternate in using their bare feet to pluck at the maddeningly knotted ropes! Ashley thrusts up her legs vigorously, but it's newcomer Belle's acrobatic exertions that are especially eye-catching.

Shady ladies Aubrielle Summer and Keira Kelly believe they've earned a fat payoff for ratting out a client who's ripped off the rest of his gang. But the ungrateful recipient of their valuable info instead rewards the sexy snitches by having them stripped naked, then roped into lotus ties and ball-gagged! When Aubrielle and Keira wriggle across the floor until they're seated back-to-back, they're punished with a rope tether that links their chest ropes and push them into face-to-face proximity.

Tough chick Jana Jordan shows her namesake Erika Jordan no mercy when she takes control of the nude hostage who kneels crotch-roped and tethered to a metal railing! But after she thrills to her captive's anguished whimpering when she fondles Erika's breasts and tickles her vulnerable soles, Jana's shocked when she's made to become Erika's bondage twin! Gagged with duct tape over self-adhesive wrap like her victim, the formerly dominant little blonde now writhes on her knees along with Erika.

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