Eva Lovia's Bondage Lust!

Release Date: Jan.19.2015
Running Time: 0:47:10
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Eva Lovia, Susan Ray

 Eva Lovia's obsession with Susan Ray's bare feet leads to bondage for both!

Eva's turned on by her friend Susan -- especially her soft perfect feet! But Susan's not nearly as kinky, so when a friend offers to package the unsuspecting blonde for her, Eva enthusiastically agrees. Roped onto a coffee table, Susan lies back in astonishment and squeals through her tape-gag as Eva tugs off her sandals, then lustfully sucks on her wriggling toes and licks her sensitive soles! 

But Eva's about to learn that her perfidious friend expects a reward for his assistance -- and it's a high price indeed. After both girls are stripped naked, angry Eva lies trussed- up in an armchair, her legs stretched out over the arm. Gagged with duct tape, Eva mumbles angrily while a reluctant Susan follows orders to mouth the hot brunette's bare feet. Susan's also compelled to jam her face against Eva's soles to sniff their aroma - - then to return the favor by sitting on the back of the chair so she can lower her foot- bottoms over Eva's nose! 

The fun's far from over for Eva and Susan because their treacherous acquaintance now holds both in bondage! He first enjoys the sight of the hapless girls hopping awkwardly on feet hobbled by ankle bonds, then watches in satisfaction while they sit side-by-side on a couch and plead for mercy! Once Eva and Susan are restricted on their hips by waist-ankle tethers, all they can do is writhe in futility and scrape their duct-taped lips together! 

It's been a great afternoon for the creep Eva should never have trusted -- not so much for the naked girls, who now sit back-to-back and webbed in rope on the floor! The cleave- gagged odd couple twist desperately against the ropes binding their bodies as well as the coil holding them together. Susan's anguished eyes and whimpers vigorously express her dismay but it's possible that as Eva twists in bondage against the long-legged nude, her emotions may be more ambivalent! 

Enjoy a striking outdoor bonus scene with our naked starlets standing tethered to a lamp-post next to the swimming pool! Microfoam tape-gags muffle protests by Eva and Susan as they contort their alluring bodies against restrictive ropework! 

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