Let's Tie Up Aunt Holly

Release Date: Jul.04.2016
Running Time: 0:45:34
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Holly Manning, Kylie Quinn

Naughty Kylie Quinn leaves her Aunt Holly Manning in bondage -- but there's no way luscious little Kylie's going to avoid ropework herself!

Kylie loves her Aunt Holly but their ideas of a fun time are quite different: Kylie wants to go out and party while Holly wants to stay home and play Scrabble! When the overaffectionate aunt refuses to take no for an answer, Kylie reacts by overpowering her; the stunned Holly soon finds herself sitting bound on a chair, gagged with a bandanna and blindfolded with a scarf! Before leaving for her evening of fun, Kylie removes the blindfold and turns the overmouth-gag into a cleave, but Holly's ropes continue to defy her best efforts to loosen them! 

Kylie's mischievous plan begins to unravel, however, when a stalker who's had his eyes on her appears before she can head out for playtime. Now it's Kylie writhing in ropes and mouthing a bandanna as she sits on a small ottoman; the energetic playgirl rolls onto the hardwood floor but her frantic contortions only succeed in exposing her bright blue thong panties! Finally free from her own bondage, Holly remonstrates with her naughty niece but doesn't have long to appreciate the turn of fortune before she's trapped in ropes with Kylie!

Neither Scrabble nor partying for Holly and Kylie, but a deeply satisfying tableau for the disturbed interloper who observes aunt and niece sitting side- by-side on the couch; coils of white rope decorate their colorful dresses and strips of white tape seal the lips of the barefoot pair! Kylie and Holly are understandably not very happy with each other, but recognize the necessity of cooperation so, when the intruder's temporarily distracted, they swing their legs onto the couch and lean back-to-back while tugging at each other's wrist bonds. Unsuccessful in freeing their hands, they twist and turn until Holly's able to raise her legs and strip off Kylie's gag with her bare toes! They're delighted -- until the very unwelcome guest returns to nullify their achievement.

Their situation becomes more worrisome when the formerly combative relatives are moved into the kitchen where voluptuous Aunt Holly sits trussed- up and tape-gagged on the shining granite floor in a form-fitting piece of beachwear! Stripped to her panties, a sobered Kylie sits on the counter above Holly; also gagged with duct tape, Kylie strains against ropes tightened around her buxom little body! Both women continue to resist their restraint, as Holly curls onto her hip and Kylie rolls daringly onto her side, but they succeed only in providing further excitement for the shameless voyeur!

The man who's temporarily in charge of their bodies apparently has an eye for contrast, for he's arranged his playthings so that they stand next to each other with their arms connected overhead to a hanging rope; Holly wears a provocative black dress but Kylie's dressed in nothing at all! Sexy aunt and nude niece make an arousing visual impact as they rotate and balance carefully on bare feet, but the tireless troublemaker has a final surprise for Holly and Kylie before fading out of their lives. Murmuring wearily to each other through the duct tape muffling their voices, they lie efficiently hogtied on a large wraparound couch, faces only a few inches apart! 

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