Hot And Cold Stunning Bondage

Release Date: Sep.14.2012
Running Time: 0:44:34
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Heather Vahn, Cassie Laine

"Family ties" takes on a sinister meaning when an obsessed man makes bound and gagged prisoners of his pretty young cousins!

Rebuffed by Heather Vahn and Cassie Laine when he offers a substantial amount for a 150-year-old family photo album, their aging third-cousin returns as a masked menace who tape-gags and binds Heather in her home office. The girls have hidden his object of desire, however, so he leaves Heather helpless and struggling on the floor and stomps off to find Cassie!

Tiny Cassie doesn't stand a chance when she's surprised as she relaxes on her bed! In quick succesion, her assailant tapes her mouth, tightens ropes around her wrists, chest, and ankles, then confirms her restraint by tethering her hand and foot. While Cassie rolls about on her bed, her criminal cousin continues to search for the album!

No closer to his prize then when he began to turn Heather and Cassie's lives upside down, the frustrated villain brings his captives together in Heather's office. Stripped to bra and panties and thoroughly frightened now, the girls sit side-by-side in chairs, bound with black rope and gagged with black cloths over-mouth! Their deranged cousin allows the tension to build, then pulls down Cassie and Heather's gags so they can answer his demand for the location of the album. When the courageous girls refuse to comply, he points to the buckets placed next to their chairs: they're filled with ice, which will make a frigid impact on bound bare feet once he lifts them into the receptacles! As good as his word, the deranged man re- gags his victims with duct tape and initiates the icy torment, a punishment he promises to end when they co-operate!

But despite their chilling ordeal, Cassie and Heather refuse to surrender! Thwarted by their stubborness, he escalates his challenge to their endurance: naked and tape-gagged, the apprehensive girls kneel on Cassie's bed, their breast-framing chest bondage linked to the headboard, their ankles tied separately and their legs spread by crotch- ropes! As the ruthlessly bound captive's eyes widen fearfully, the maniacal relative explains that since extreme cold hasn't loosened their tongues, he'll now utilize extreme heat to loosen their tongues! Once he's turned the thermostat to its peak and surrounded the bed with space heaters, the temperature rises to sauna-like levels; their nude bodies bathed in sweat, Cassie and Heather twist more and more lethargically in their web of ropes -- and finally, reeling from their ordeal, they submit to their tormentor's harsh interrogation and give him the combination to the safe where the album's been hidden!

Smiling triumphantly, the loathesome in-law flaunts his time-worn album in the faces of the exhausted girls, who lie frog-tied and ball-gagged on the sweat-soaked bed. Still naked, Heather and Cassie drool as he gloats; after he leaves, the girls are relieved of his toxic presence, but still remain in forceful restraint that their feeble efforts can never dislodge! At last, their struggles subside and the captives lie on their stomachs as they await the arrival of a friend; all three will be embarrassed by the grotesque tableau that the innocent girls have been forced into, but Heather and Cassie will at last be released from their nightmare!

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Great-looking girls, neat bondage and a cool collection of gags! Good to see a storyline, as well.