Female Bonding

Release Date: Sep.30.2011
Running Time: 0:41:0
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Hannah Thurman, Chantel Osmond, Shannon, Michelle Curtis, Gwen Stanley, Brittany Christopher, Rose Bancroft, Holly Manning


Beautiful girls share their bondage peril! When a bad guy strikes, starlets Hannah Thurman and Chantel Osmond become costumed captives! Jamie Ann Martin and Shannon team up against a conniving boy-friend, but he gets the last laugh while they writhe indignantly! Their picnic frighteningly disrupted when a thug binds and gags them, Rose Bancroft and Holly Manning struggle on the ground until they're rescued by Hannah Thurman!


Beautiful girls plot against each other! Country songbird Michelle Curtis receives a shocking welcome home from crazed fan Holly Manning, who silences and ties the pretty singer! The lush foliage and bright sunshine go unappreciated by Gwen Stanley because Chantel Osmond is holding her as a tightly bound hostage! Cleaning-woman Tina Russell strikes a blow for the working-class by overpowering and binding disrespectful rich bitch Britany Christopher, then gagging her with an expensive scarf! 


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