Grab and Bind: Jana Cova - Claire Adams Hostage!

Release Date: Aug.03.2012
Running Time: 0:47:56
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Jana Cova, Claire Adams


"I should have known the job was too good to be true; too bad I didn't figure that out until I was rolling around naked and tied up with a rubber ball in my mouth! I'd been knocking around for a few years, pulling off a few burglaries here and there, some solo, some partnered up. Along the way, it turned out I was pretty handy with rope, a skill that was useful when someone was home during a heist and objected to their valuables walking away with me!

"But snatching was another story -- big rewards but heavy time if things went wrong. I never would have risked a grabbing rap if it hadn't been for the Old Guy -- he had a smooth tongue with all the answers and I fell for his line that we could pool our talents for a huge payday! He targeted this rich model- playgirl named Jana Cova; I guess she was too busy having fun to worry about security so it was easy to grab her in the underground garage of her condo. We loaded her into the back of our car where I taped her mouth and tied her down while we were hauling her off to the hideout!

"Once we got Jana into the house, the Old Guy let me handle her while he focused on getting the ransom. He told me to tie her up so that she had no chance to get away, which was fine with me -- no way was I going to make it easy on her! Jana begged and pleaded, but I made her strip naked, then roped her nice and tight to a crazy little chair I found at the hideout. Once she was tied down, I stuffed a cloth in her mouth, then had a few drinks while she squirmed around and made angry little sounds.

"Maybe it was the drinking, but I decided to get a little more creative with rich bitch Jana. So I untied her, pulled her off the chair and threw her onto a couch; she tried to get tough, but I discouraged her real quick before forcing her onto her stomach and hogtying her while she whimpered. The Old Guy didn't mind that I was having some fun with Jana because he was running into difficulties with the ransom, so I guess I had a brainstorm. The hideout had this big overhead wooden beam in the living room and I got this picture in my head of Jana all bound up and spinning around like some sexy naked bird in ropes hanging from the beam!

"So I finally hauled her up -- Jana didn't have much fight left -- and taped her mouth. As she spun around so helpless in midair, I was really proud of my work; girls like her had always laughed at me and treated me like crap -- now it was my turn to be on top! Look, I'm not a terrible person; I didn't leave her like that very long. By the time the Old Guy finally came back with the ransom money, Jana was tied up in a back room. It looked like our gamble had paid off bigtime, but all of a sudden everything turned upside down!

"It turned out that the Old Guy knew a few rope tricks himself -- also that he was a greedy bastard who didn't want to share a couple million bucks! Before I knew what hit me, I was dazed and stripped with the same ropes I'd used on Jana tightening around my body! Then he stuffed that ball gag in my mouth and left me straining hopelessly while he went and freed Jana. Maybe the worst part of the whole thing was seeing Jana come back with him, all dressed up again and smirking as she looked down at me! The bitch even laughed and told me to stop drooling on the floor! Then they left and all I could do was try to get loose -- that's when you guys came storming in and found me. You all laughed at me too, but I guess I deserved it. The Old Guy got the money and I got nothing but rope burns!"

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