Bad Intentions For Helpless Secretaries

Release Date: Nov.11.2014
Running Time: 0:50:15
Category: Secretaries In Bondage

Starring: Anikka Albrite, Phoebe Queen, Addison Ryder, Charlotte Stokely, Fiona Sage, Anastasia Black, Ryan Ryans, Belle Fatale

There are various methods of discouraging whistleblowers: subtle pressue, veiled threats, disguised bribery. Then there's the more direct technique used by a specialist in the field to convince junior executive Anikka Albrite that she really has nothing to say about her company's illegal policies. Trussed onto the bondage horse and ball- gagged, Anikka's powerless to prevent her stockinged soles from being tickled and her bare breasts from being groped by the disguised operative whose hood is the same sinister black as the ropes binding her white-clad body!

Treachery abounds when two scheming rivals search for a priceless string of pearls! Phoebe Queen finds them first, but tough chick Addison Ryder arrives soon after to relieve Phoebe of the pearls...and her freedom! While Addison toys with her gagged and bound rival, however, a third player enters the game and soon both girls sit side- by-side on the chest where the pearls were hidden as nearly identical bondage twins! Tied, cleave-gagged and bare-breasted, Phoebe and Addison squirm in stockinged feet next to each other on the floor after the winner leaves with his prize!

A complicated plot that backfires on Charlotte Stokely leaves her tape- gagged and tied to a chair next to her innocent pawn Fiona Sage! Both blonde businesswomen are the dupes of a humorous villain who exposes their breasts before exiting the scene. Disgusted by Charlotte's betrayal, Fiona channels her anger into energetic struggling that tears loose the rope tethering her to the chair! Once she's on the floor, the spunky girl inches closer to the front door while Charlotte watches in the background!

There's no doubt that Anastasia Black's in trouble right from the beginning when she's pushed into the room wearing blouse, skirt and heels, along with a cleave-gag and ropes confining her wrists and arms! As her predicament proceeds, Anastasia sits struggling on the bed with her ankles and knees tied, then lies nearly motionless on her side in a wrist-ankle tether after her breasts are bared and stockinged feet exposed!

When corporate spy Ryan Ryans had security guard Belle Fatale at her mercy, she used the hapless woman as her personal bondage toy! Now it's time for payback and Belle has a ball avenging her humiliation; as Ryan sits bound and gagged before her, Belle fondles her breasts and wickedly massages her pantyhosed inner thighs! The vengeful guard adds a final touch by tickling Ryan's stockinged feet and spanking her bottom while she squirms hogtied on the floor! 

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