Bind and Gag The Topless Girls

Release Date: Sep.21.2012
Running Time: 0:46:24
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Emilianna Stanzi, Monica Breeze, Karina Santos, Loli Londin, Crystal Klein, Bree Dillon, Ivy Carroll, Marlena Mercurio, Loli Londin, Taylor St. Claire, Jana Cova

Buxom bare-breasted bondage captive sums up the sight of Emilianna Stanzi, who writhes tied and topless along with seven other sisters in ropes! Eyes wide and fearful, Monica Breeze struggles futilely -- just like sexy lawyer Karina Santos, stripped to pantyhose and left helpless by Loli Londin! Snared by colorful scarves, Crystal Klein rolls about on her bed but gets no closer to escape than Bree Dillon, overpowered and bound by sturdy Ivy Carroll! Wide-eyed but far from innocent blonde Loli's back to tease bare-breasted Marlena Mercurio -- but Loli's got a surprise coming that leaves her squirming while Marlena has the last laugh! For the finale, Taylor St. Claire's massive mammaries burst from her black leather dress after Jana Cova and friend bid and silence her!

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