MacKenzie Madness

Release Date: Jul.29.2011
Running Time: 0:40:51
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: MacKenzie Montgomery, Reina, Gia Mancini, Julia Cerrero, Monique Alexander, Gwen Stanley, Marie Mitchell, Charisma Cole, Hannah Thurman


Watch out for Mackenzie Montgomery: she's gorgeous but crazy! Friendly neighbor Reina falls prey to Mackenzie's mania when her innocent knock on the door leads with dizzying speed to bound captivity! Marie Mitchell's nobody to screw around with either, as poor Gwen Stanley discovers when she interrupts Marie's pool-shooting display. After KOing Gwen, Marie ties and gags her, then calmly returns to the pool table!


Looking forward to a weekend getaway, Gia Mancini and Julia Carrero instead struggle in bondage after they're surprised by a cold-hearted con! Demure businesswoman Charisma Cole suffers a similar chair-bound restraint and pretty Monique Alexander angrily resists her ropes and gag! Wicked Mackenzie returns to overpower and bind sweet Hannah Thurman, but Mackenzie receives a bitter taste of her own medicine when Hannah and her boyfriend fit her for a tight set of ropes! 


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