Layla's Smooth Submission

Release Date: Jan.30.2015
Running Time: 0:45:24
Category: Bondage Storylines

Starring: Layla Sin, Jay Smooth

 xotic agent Layla Sin receives fifty shades of discipline from dominant spymaster Jay Smooth!

Layla believes she's wrapped Jay around her little finger but it's Jay who wraps rope tightly around the dark-haired spy's naked body after he sees through her scheme! Bound onto a high wooden chair, Layla writhes as she's caressed by the man who now controls her future; since she refuses to speak about her mission, she's gagged with a knotted cleave. Jay callously handles her rope-framed breasts but saves his most nastily creative touch for Layla's shapely bare feet, which are pulled back under the chair and tethered to its back by a taut string anchored between her big toes! 

All ten of Layla's toes get the string-tie treatment after Jay pins her onto the bondage horse with a stringent rope web! Gagged with duct tape, Layla whimpers apprehensively while Jay casually fondles her breasts and assures her that she'll tell him what he wants to know sooner or later. Matters get chillier for Layla's nipples when an ice cube appears in Jay's hand; her ticklish soles also receive an intensive application of ice that leaves her foot-bottoms soaked and Layla shivering under this menacing man's harsh gaze! 

Just in case Layla didn't get the message that Jay's very serious about this interrogation, he's got a long hard surprise in store for her! He's nowhere to be seen at first, while Layla squirms hogtied and ball- gagged on a table; when he arrives, Jay removes the ball and demands to know who masterminded her espionage. Layla's still stubborn, so Mr. Smooth gets rough and unsheathes his stiff cock, which immediately replaces the ball-gag in the stunned spy's wide-open mouth! Layla has no choice but to suck on Jay's rod until he's ready to shoot, which he does in generous squirts all over her sculpted bare soles! 

After Layla mouths him to release, it's easy for Jay to prove that he has no hard feelings left toward her. In fact, since one good orgasm deserves another, Jay spreadeagles Layla on a bed and wields a vibrator between her legs with virtuoso skill. He's moved beyond interrogation to manipulation, so while his naked subject arches against the toy buzzing her clit, Jay recruits her with mesmerizing effectiveness. After Layla collapses in ecstasy, her future boss removes her tape gag and she meekly agrees that her future undercover work will be done on his behalf! 

For bonus bondage viewing, enjoy the colorful contortions of energetic sprite Goldie Cox! Standing in supported ropework that coils around her bright red dress, Goldie mouths a ball-gag that matches her dress as she twists around on sandaled feet. To Goldie's dismay, the dress shrinks to expose her breasts and pussy; a knotted crotch-rope then slithers into the vulnerable crevice between her legs! 

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terrific layla is awesome