Shay And Ashley's Bondage Battle

Release Date: Aug.08.2016
Running Time: 0:48:50
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Shay Evans, Ashley Lane, Samantha Hayes, Ember Stone, Violet October, Ivy Jones

Lucky Ashley Lane was delighted by an unusual gift from a kinky admirer: Exotic nude Shay Evans standing bound to the stair-railing and ball-gagged! Towering over the squirming five-foot tall Shay, Ashley helped herself to handfuls of the barefoot girl's substantial breasts, tweaked her nipples, then slipped an invasive hand between her legs to administer a pussy massage! The lithe beauty also relished Shay's muffled giggling when she tickled her ribs, but soon discovered that the joke was on her -- the gift was a conditional one!

Ashley was the loser in a dizzying turnabout -- not a confident dom any longer but a naked, tied and tape-gagged toy for Shay, who'd become the one wearing a black dress and heels! With Ashley seated powerless on a lounge, Shay paid her back for the previous humiliation by straddling her rope-bound body to deliver a generous helping of breast-fondling and tickling! After Ashley was re-arranged on her stomach, Shay targeted her naked soles for more tickling, spanked her beckoning bottom and treated her hapless adversary to a pussy massage of her own! 

There was plenty of space and sunlight surrounding her in the large room, but ethereal Samantha Hayes was held in arduous bondage by multiple ropes pinning her slender naked body to a wooden post! Her long tresses flowing down over her breasts, Samantha strained with frantic but futile contortions against oppressive ropework; to her dismay, the bright red ball-gag strapped between her lips incited a flow of drool that moistened her chin and chest! 

Such a sweet pair in their long flower-print summer dresses and sandals -- cute little brunette Ember Stone and her willowy blonde friend Violet October certainly didn't deserve the bondage that ensued when greedy intruder entered their lives! While Violet was dragged off to guide the search for loot throughout their house, Ember was left sitting on the kitchen floor, her hands and feet bound while her lips were spread by a black cleave-gag! After Violet returned, the trembling girls were seated side-by-side, their small bodies more amply secured with rope and their mouths covered with tape! Amused by Ember and Violet's pathetic plight, the callous thieves disheveled their dresses and took their sandals as trophies, leaving the two innocent girls to struggle in bare-breasted and barefoot distress! 

Ivy Jones knew she looked hot in her tight white minidress and wedge sandals, but it was the tan ropes restraining her limbs and the duct-tape sealing her lips that concerned her most after she was confronted by a stranger! The spirited blonde sprite wasn't about to take her bondage sitting down, but her intensive efforts to disrupt the ropework failed to disturb its taut embrace and when she attempted to hop away the consequences were drastic! Lying hogtied on the bench that had become her residence, Ivy's options were limited to arching in frustration and flexing her toe-tied pink bare feet! 

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