Cute Girls Caught In Bondage

Release Date: Jul.28.2015
Running Time: 0:48:55
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Holly Manning, Cassidy Banks, Adriana Sephora, Kylie Nicole, Kasey Warner, Tomi Taylor, Amanda Tate, Kalina Ryu, Allie Knox

Holly Manning was looking forward to sunshine and fresh air; instead the lovely brunette is bound and gagged in her bikini by an unwelcome visitor, then stowed in a corner of her apartment! Unwilling to accept her bondage without a struggle, Holly wriggles out of the uncomfortable niche and edges her tightly- trussed body along the floor in an effort to escape!

As they sit side-by-side on the edge of a table, busty nudes Cassidy Banks Adriana Sephora already recognize that they're damsels in distress -- after all, they're tightly bound and tape-gagged! But neither Cassidy nor Adriana expected that when their ankles were untied, the rearranged ropework would spread their legs for maximum humiliation!

Sweet little Kylie Nicole's clearly in a lot of trouble as she stands naked, trussed and tethered to her stairway railing and mouths a knotted black cleave! But Kylie's only Part 1 of an intruder's evil scheme; Part 2 takes shape when Kasey Warner pays Kylie a visit and is confronted by the sight of her bound and gagged best friend! After stunned Kasey strips, she's restrained next to Kylie; the girls twist in bondage and murmur apprehensively, especially after crotch- ropes nestle invasively between their legs!

Three naked beauties exerience their perilous plight sitting down when willowy blonde Amanda Tate, athletic brunette Tomi Taylor and exotic sprite Kalina Ryu are deprived of their clothing, bound to chairs and ball-gagged! Despite the difficulty of their situation, Amanda, Tomi and Kalina maneuver their chairs creatively as they attempt to release themselves! 

Stretched out naked and roped to a massage table, it appears that Allie Knox is about to become the subject of an unusual medical procedure! The lithe blonde's wrists are tethered to the table above her head and her legs similarly secured -- until they're reconfigured so that her legs are spread open to welcome a vibrator! Tape-gagged Allie moans and twists on the table, but finally surrenders to the vibe's persuasive stimulation of her pussy! 

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