Dangerous Diva's Vulnerable Victims

Release Date: Dec.09.2011
Running Time: 0:57:9
Category: Dangerous Diva

Starring: Elle Alexandra, Michaela Mathews. Jade Salarno, Rilee Marks, Lyla Love


When Elle Alexandra and Michaela Mathews stole a laptop from the Dangerous Diva, they expected to be paid big bucks in return for revealing its secrets. Instead they swiftly discovered that the Diva's enemies pay for their crimes while struggling naked, bound and gagged!


What Diva wants, Diva takes: coveting the amazing thigh-high boots modeled by Lyla Love, the Dangerous One pulls them from the legs of the luscious Latina, then subjects her to rigorous restraint!


Insulted by a low-budget internet series that features a lame Diva knock-off, our villainess/heroine hijacks the show, strips heroines Jade Salerno and Rilee Marks out of their costumes and savors their tape-gagged and hogtied performance!


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