Extreme Gagging

Release Date: Jun.21.2013
Running Time: 0:50:39
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Tera Patrick, Brooklyn Chase, Kendra James, Kimberly Gates, Catie Parker, Chloe Amour

ell, shut their mouths -- it's Tera Patrick and five other sexy starlets receiving serious gags to go with their bonds!

Adult superstar Tera plays a nagging wife whose husband silences her in drastic fashion after she's bound and naked! Understandably indignant, Tera protests noisily but incoherently as a sponge is jammed into her mouth, then held in place with self- adhesive wrap that's covered with silver tape! Thoroughly gagged and tightly trussed, naked Tera undergoes the further indignity of a tickle assault, then rolls onto her stomach and struggles in frustration on the couch!

After a demanding workout, Brooklyn Chase stretches out on the couch for a nap - - rest that's rudely interrupted by a towering intruder who quiets any possible protest by duct-taping Brooklyn's mouth, then winding more tape around the struggling girl's wrists, arms and ankles! Mr. Nice Guy augments Brooklyn's gag with separate layers of self-adhesive and white tape before adding to his enjoyment by wrapping more of the sticky silver stuff around her bare feet and cutting open her sweatshirt so he can fondle her generous jugs!

"Welcome to our humble abode, Kendra -- how fetching you look in your gleaming black minidress and those spiky black pumps! Of course, the white ropes pinioning you to the chair play their role in creating such an alluring tableau of beauty in peril! Naturally we can't allow you to speak too freely, Ms. James, so I regret that I'll have to lodge this sponge between those luscious red lips of yours. And we'll miss those lips when they're covered with this white tape, but of course you'll recognize the necessity of this expedient. Feel free to express your thoughts, Kendra, but forgive me if I don't respond because it's impossible to understand you! It would be difficult to carry on a conversation in any case because I'm quite mesmerized by your slender naked feet!"

Foul-mouthed Kimberly Gates pays a high price for her profanity when a strict disciplinarian subjects her to the gagging cure. It's necessary, of course, to remove Kimberly from her comfort zone, so the lithe exotic beauty's roped naked to a railing; her obscene protests are quickly muffled by a green hard-rubber ball thrust between her lips and sealed in place with semi-transparent tape! While Kimberly mouths the ball, she's exhorted to clean up her act, but the squirming subject's barely audible responses suggest that she's resistant to positive change, so self-adhesive tape's wrapped around her flowing dark hair and covered with long strips of dark brown tape! Kimberly's freedom is in her own hands, but her attitude indicates that she'll be standing and moaning for quite awhile!

Naive little Catie Parker had no idea what sort of organization she was working for until she was accused of stealing on the job. Made to strip naked, Catie believes she's proved her innocence when the stolen objects aren't found on her person, but this boss has other ideas! Bound bare- skinned to a chair, Catie pleads for mercy but instead receives a mouthful of cloth covered with semi-transparent tape; a layer of self-adhesive follows, topped by several strips of white tape! Only when she admits her guilt by nodding her head, Catie's warned, will she be released from this ordeal!

Her brown skin glows and her brown eyes flash as Chloe Amour sits bound and naked on a low stool! Chloe does her best to communicate with the perpetrators of her plight but her speech is stifled by a three-layer gag that consists of mouth- stuffing, self-adhesive tape and duct tape. Deprived of the stool, Chloe undulates her hot helpless body around on a cool hardwood floor and kicks up her toe-tied bare feet!

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