Tape Bound, Volume 13

Release Date: Dec.09.2011
Running Time: 0:48:9
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Randy Moore, Aiden Ashley, Veronica Ricci, Sherri Reynolds, Tiffany Marshall, Marcela Marin, Kim Carter, Marissa Sparks, Nina Monroe, Sophia Jade,


Surprised and securely taped, Kim Carter twists and writhes in a courageous battle against the tape wrapped around her small body but finally surrenders in exhaustion!


Looks like the exercise class came to an abrupt and alarming conclusion for suburban beauties Sherri Reynolds, Marissa Sparks and Nina Monroe, who roll around tape-bound and gagged in their sweats on the floor!


Clad in demure business outfits, pantyhose and heels, innocent secretaries Tiffany Marshall and Marcela Marin writhe in restraint by the duct-tape that also successfully silences them!


Statuesque Veronica Ricci and petite Aiden Ashley huddle together in tape bondage forced on them by insolent captors who humiliate them by baring their breasts!


Wide swathes of silver tape immobilize sultry Sophia Jade's little body and seal lips that can only moan when her naked breasts pop free after her top's torn open!


She was looking forward to an afternoon of relaxing in her sweats, but evildoers wielding duct tape turned beautiful Randy Moore into a bare-breasted package who thrashes and squeals on her bed


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