Grab and Bind: Josie Jagger

Release Date: Mar.30.2015
Running Time: 0:45:23
Category: Grab and Bind

Starring: Jose Jagger

Her housemate stayed out all night, so Josie Jagger became her bound and gagged substitute!

Waking up in the middle of the night is often disorienting; for Josie it's downright nightmarish, because she's confronted by a disguised figure who pulls her from under the bedcovers and ties her hands behind her back! The feisty little brunette tries to resist the intruder, but after gagging her with a black cleave, he winds rope around her chest, pulls down her top and fondles her breasts as Josie squeals! He also tests Josie's small bare soles for ticklishness before rolling the squirming girl onto her stomach and hitching her ankles to the bed's headboard so he can visit her housemate in a nearby bedroom! 

To his annoyance, the partygirl isn't home, so Josie's about to receive his full attention! Stripped naked, she wriggles hogtied on her stomach while the hooded creep ties her big toes together with string, then giggles while he once more teases her sensitive foot-bottoms! When Josie's protests become too troubling, her deranged admirer seals her lips with duct tape; as he checks the absent housemate's room one last time, the petite nude writhes desperately on her bed before recognizing that her bondage is inescapable! Released from her wrist-ankle oppression, Josie's dismayed when she's carried off to uncertain adventures!

Josie's happy to be out of the hogtie but her relief doesn't last long after she's placed on a cloth- covered table and re-tied! The man in black provides cloth-stuffing for Josie's mouth and microfoam tape to cover it, then returns to his obsessive interest in the bound and gagged girl's naked feet! But the spunky girl has a surprise for him -- when he leans in close to her toes, Josie kicks him hard enough to send him sprawling! Her moment of assertiveness is satisfying but Josie probably regrets it after she's disciplined with rope links folding her knees close to her chest and tethering her ankles!

Standing bound and supported by an overhead rope-chain connection, Josie's understandably apprehensive about the next act in this drama of domination! She's resigned to the white tape-gag and breast-caressing but her tireless oppressor has a chilling surprise in store -- ice cubes that he uses to callously tantalize her nipples, then glides down her torso in a frigid maneuver that ends in perilous proximity to her unprotected pussy! 

Time for Josie's lady parts to take center stage when she's roped onto a gleaming red chair with her legs spread wide! Once again gagged with duct tape, the brave girl continues to energetically defy her nemesis with noisy gyrations of her luscious body! He'll soon depart from Josie's life but not before leaving her a final gift that assures that their time together will end with a thrilling climax! Her eyes close and Josie vibrates in rhythm with the plastic tool next to her clit -- is there more to Josie's role in this mysterious story than meets the eye? 

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