Danger: Blogging Leads To Bondage

Release Date: Jun.14.2013
Running Time: 0:43:48
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Kayla Jane Danger, Eden Wells

Kayla Jane Danger pays a stiff price for disrespecting Eden Wells on her blog!

Free speech isn't necessarily free, a truth Kayla discovers after she ridicules Eden's rigging skills on her fetish blog! Enraged by Kayla's stinging comments, Eden strikes back by seizing the insolent girl at her home, then demonstrating her rope mastery by ball-tying Kayla in her little black dress on top of the dining table! Barefoot and tape- gagged, the raven-haired beauty eyes her blonde captress fearfully while Eden snaps photos of her plight, then posts them on her own blog to prove how mistaken Kayla's criticisms were! Delighted by the power of her ropes to make Kayla's body into alluring contortions, Eden decides to continue her domination of the indiscreet young woman!

Eden correctly believes that a knotted black cleave is a perfect match for Kayla's luscious lips and that a cross-ankled hogtie willbeautifully display her high-arched bare feet! So after convincing the intimidated girl to change into a leopard-print negligee, Eden allows Kayla a few moments of mildly restrictive bondage before flipping her onto her stomach and drawing those enticing feet up close to her hands with a knotty tether. When Kayla's vigorous arching fails to satisfy Eden, she thoughtfully assists her to reach new heights of body-bowing by pulling her hair, then tests the sensitivity of Kayla's soles with mischievous fingers that elicit desperate squeals!

The sun's shining on Kayla but she's not smiling because Eden's dragged her outdoors and tied her to a sapling in her own backyard! Trussed up in bra and panties with a vertical rope secured tautly between her legs, the bewildered blogger submits meekly when Eden stuffs cloth in her mouth and tapes it in place! Once more, Eden records Kayla's pathetic writhing with her camera-phone as evidence of her triumphant vendetta!

"On your knees, bitch!" is the theme of Eden's next essay in teaching Kayla that when you open your big mouth too wide, you may soon find it filled with a ball-gag! Bare-breasted now, and wishing she'd never heard of the internet, Kayla kneels on a chair, her thighs pinned separately to its wooden frame. The whimpering prisoner's inviting nipples and round bottom receive punishing attention from Eden's hands; Kayla's flood of drool, incited by the shiny blue ball spreading her lips, of course becomes the target of Eden's mockery as she admires her subjugation of the reckless blogger!

All good things must come to an end, but Eden's satisfied that she'll never be troubled by Kayla's insulting comments again! As a farewell reminder to behave herself, Eden drags Kayla back outdoors and ropes her to a stool where the sadder but wiser girl squirms in nothing but her panties! Delighted with her success in crushing the spirit of her critic, Eden applies bright pink tape to Kayla's lips and treats herself to a few more tweaks of those inviting nipples! Just before leaving her bound and gagged adversary, Eden reveals a final surprise that keeps Kayla twisting desperately on her perch long after the rigging mistress has departed!

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