Bondage Revenge Is Sweet

Release Date: Mar.07.2016
Running Time: 0:44:40
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Chrissy Marie, Nina North, Shyla Jennings, Summer Day, Ashley Lane, Blair Williams

Chrissy Marie always felt protective of her sweet little friend Nina North, so when an aggressive acquaintance falsely accused Nina of stealing from her, Chrissy wasted no time in telling her to back off. When the unbalanced woman later appeared at her door, Chrissy was prepared for an unpleasant confrontation -- but not to be stripped to her panties, roped to a chair and gagged with duct tape! Chrissy squirmed nervously under the woman's watchful eyes, then writhed in disbelief when Nina returned home and was ordered to fondle her friend's bound body! Once Nina was also undressed, gagged and trussed up in the chair next to Chrissy, the menacing intruder brusquely informed them that she'd pay back their theft by helping herself to whatever valuables she could find in their home!

A thoroughly subdued little heroine, Shyla Jennings sat bound on an aged wooden trunk, her luscious lips separated by a knotted black cleave while her tiny red toes wriggled against the carpeted floor! Before long, Shyla's perky breasts emerged from her black teddy, but her big surprise arrived when the trunk was opened so that her petite body could be folded inside! Still spunky, but with her mobility severely inhibited, Shyla continued to mumble protests and engage in micro- struggling!

After she'd spent hours working at her computer, Summer Day sat back in her chair, closed her eyes and concocted the kind of fantasy that never failed to light up her lamp! In it, Summer remained in the chair, but her blue dress had been pulled up, her legs raised and bent at the knees so that her ankles could be tied separately to the arms of the chair. Her wrists roped behind her, a ball-gag in her mouth and her pussy stunningly exposed, Summer writhed in ecstatic submission to the plight that she'd imagined! Soon, the buxom blonde's breasts were also bared and her daydream of ruthless restraint reached its peak!

Once she had fragile nude Ashley Lane standing bound and ball- gagged in her grasp, leather-clad Blair Williams satisfied her lust for domination by caressing and licking Ashley's breasts and tugging on her whimpering subject's taut crotch-rope! After seating Ashley on the floor, Blair reclined on a couch and kicked off her shoes, then pressed her bare feet against the bound girl's chest and face to confirm her mastery! 

Quite a shock for Blair when roles were reversed and she stood trussed and naked while Ashley towered over her in black dress and heels! Relishing her opportunity for retribution, Ashley ball-gagged Blair, then squeezed and licked her nipples while mischievously massaging the humiliated tough chick's pussy! Ashley left Blair powerless and tethered to a stair-railing, but not before smiling brightly next to her while taking a selfie! 

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