Duct Tape Challenge

Release Date: Mar.07.2016
Running Time: 0:45:36
Category: Helpless Heroines

Starring: Kenna James, Leah Gotti, Amarna Miller, Blair Williams, Ashley Lane, Katy Kiss, Alix Lynx, Nina North, Chrissy Marie

The Duct Tape Challenge has been sweeping the country and it's about time that FM Concepts participates! Six gorgeous ladies are taped up and gagged and trying their very best to wiggle free!

Kenna James and Leah Gotti are both barefoot and dressed in white tops and jeans as they sit on the floor at the bottom of a stairway; they're also both securely bound with duct tape! Speaking quietly, Leah and Kenna share their hopes that housemate Amarna Miller will escape the intruders responsible for their plight. But when Amarna discovers them, she's also seized and left taped and gagged along with Kenna while the thieves release Leah so she can lead them to more loot! Feisty Amarna crawls toward the door and attempts to open it with her bare toes, but when she's apprehended, she's placed back next to Kenna; breasts bared between coils of tape, they huddle side-by- side as they wait for Leah's return!

Voluptuous Blair Williams nearly bursts out of her top and sweat- pants as she sits on her bed, but she's no match for her duct-tape bondage! There's a moment of hope when she's discovered by girlfriend Ashley Lane, but slender Ashley's immediately overpowered and tossed onto the bed next to Blair. Left to their own devices, the two barefoot damsels maneuver desperately in futile attempts to loosen their oppressive bonds; Blair and Ashley's indignant contortions escalate after their breasts are bared until they lie on their sides next to each other!

Her pink-fleshed naked body controlled from her ankles to her breasts by parallel coils of microfoam tape, Katy Kiss stands against a wall, eyes wide above her tape-gag! Katy's later seated on the hardwood floor, where she curls up on her hip and pleads soulfully for release.

Understandably apprehensive, Alix Lynx stands pinned to a wooden post by a generous application of duct tape over her white top and blue jeans; the busty little blonde's protests are quickly silenced by several more strips of tape covering her mouth! Alix can barely move but strains resolutely against her silvery bonds and murmurs unhappily, especially after her top's sliced open to expose her jutting breasts! Despite her efforts, Alix succeeds only in partially liberating one bare foot from her black pumps.

Two appealing young ladies fall into the clutches of a diabolical voyeur when innocent nudes Chrissy Marie and Nina North are commanded to put on a show! Their wrists and arms confined by microfoam tape that also frames their breasts, the tape- gagged pair stands nervously as they await their orders; to their dismay, they must turn and face each other and thrust their breasts together! Petite Nina has to stand on tiptoe to match Chrissy's height for the humiliating exhibition, also when they're directed to bestow tape-gagged kisses on each other! After the show's over, they're placed side-by-side on the floor with their ankles and knees taped; Nina and Chrissy writhe back and forth on their hips while fighting against the sticky restraints!  

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